Still enjoying amazing weather

Here we are the middle of November and still enjoying amazing weather!
I realize this will be coming to an end but we certainly have had a good run. For instance, we unrolled bales and baled them into square bales this past weekend and actually were hot.
Meanwhile, I’m feeding cows in places that most years you wouldn’t go with a tractor. The only bad part was as I was feeding, I thought, “Wow, that’s weird how the branches are all off that tree like that.”
Turns out it was a strategically-placed tree stand. I might have ruined a hunting spot.
I never even thought about that I was more excited about how nice it is too spread the feed around.

Last week we welcomed Steve Kenyon from “Greener Pastures” in Alberta, who presented a three-day pasture workshop.
I think proof that it was a worthwhile workshop was the fact all 19 of us participated intently for all three days–and three beautiful ones at that!
The Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association partnered with NOFIA and “Growing Forward 2” to make this workshop happen.
Steve charges $750 per farm but because of our partnerships, it only cost $100 per farm here in Rainy River District.

If you’ve been past the Emo Agricultural Research Station of late, you will see that I’ve been able to get the work completed that was suggested in hopes of getting my tile running better.
After Jack finished the soil ripping, Theophil Nussbaumer came in with his chisel plow and worked up the station. So I should be in shape to just cultivate next spring.
I’m back at square one again with forages. So if there is something you would like me to try and find and organize over the winter, please get in touch with me.
I still have a few more days of seed cleaning but the end is near. Doing some of the counts takes a bit longer and it slows you down.
I also have been asked to do another task. Our purchasing and how the system works is being reviewed and as such, I have to scan or copy all the purchases for the last year of EARS.
It is a fairly large task and as I explain to the lady, “I can only do one job at a time!”
I borrowed a near little scanner from my auntie and that might make the job a lot quicker and easier.

Many of you know that my brother had quite a health scare this summer. Or course, I still worry about him and this past week, he wasn’t feeling great so he was back into the doctor.
I still think he has a lot of stress and sadly most of it comes from hockey. I understand this because many times there are just a few people who really make you wonder why you do what you do!
If we could just all stop and look at the big picture at times before we act on emotion. It is like this in hockey, 4-H–you name it.
But remember: Let the players play, let the coaches coach, let the officials officiate, and let the spectators be positive!