Still bare ground in Emo

Winter has arrived in parts of Rainy River District but we still have bare ground here in Emo.
No complaints, though, as it will be great if our farm yards get some frost into them before the snow falls.
I did have to spend most of Saturday getting all the water systems fixed up with heat for the winter (Ontario Hydro will be pleased with that as I’ll see a huge difference in my bills for the rest of the winter).
It is at least a month later than normal, however, so I shouldn’t complain.
I also still have one more trip to make to the abattoir and then I’ll have all my marketing finished up for this year.
The animals, meanwhile, are really enjoying this weather and can’t say that I blame them. My ram is out breeding now and you really have to watch your back with him–he would just as soon send you flying if you enter his domain.
Thank goodness bulls are not as miserable as him.

I was hoping to have all my seed cleaned by last Friday at the Emo Agricultural Research Station but I fell short.
I tried to limit how much time I spent in the office but, of course, things come up that have to be dealt with (things like VISA audits and hazardous waste surveys).
I had to scan all my purchases for the last year. But I did a few months every day and the job was finished. I was lucky that my auntie lent me the most amazing scanner for this job ever (it made a difficult job much less painful).
I have plans to finish up seed this week now, then I will be sitting full-time trying to complete reports. I already know of a couple other tasks that have crept up on me and will take some time away from this.
Just as a note–we certainly had outstanding soybean yields this year. I hope more will consider growing next year!

Many of you may know that Debbie Zimmerman will just re-do a room over a weekend. So I decided to do a “Debbie Zimmerman” job at my place Sunday.
We were planning on installing a new laundry room door but since my boyfriend/partner was called to work in Thunder Bay for the storm, I decided I would paint the laundry room before we installed the new (old) sliding barn door.
Well, it sounded good. I decided to remove the cute wallpaper border that was at the top of very high walls. Well, I was 10 minutes into that job and already wondering why I decided to remove it.
Two hours later and a mess like no other, I had it off the wall.
I then debated on painting after I spent all that time but thought I’d better. The taping takes forever and again the high ceilings were difficult for me to reach, so there definitely are a few mistakes.
I guess, for the most part, I’m the one that spends the most time there so it doesn’t really matter.
It is a smaller room but I think I painted for about three hours. And here I thought this would be a simple half-day job and I would spend the rest of time cleaning out the ram’s pen in the barn!
By the time I did this, I was tired from stretching and reaching that I didn’t even try tackling the pen.
I celebrated by making my mom and dad a pizza, then went in for inspections and decided it needed a second coat (Debbie has assured me the second coat is easier and faster).
If I ever take a notion to do another “Debbie Zimmerman-type weekend” again, I hope someone sends me straight out to the barn.
Be prepared on your next visit to check out my laundry room, though!