Spring workload picking up speed

Well somehow, I mis-placed a week and had a small panic attack when I realized how much I have going on this week. I think it was the weather – when it was nice, I wanted to enjoy it and while it still seems like winter, I think I have lots of time. I don’t. I am going to have to really buckle down this week and work hard. I have something booked every night this week and a trip to Guelph and cattle sale next week…. The biggest job is likely cattle vaccinations, and I am kicking myself that I didn’t put in a better effort to complete that on Easter weekend.

Friday night we attended the Muskie Girls Hockey Banquet. We had been waiting on lambs all week and in true farm fashion as we were leaving, we knew we had an ewe going to lamb. We informed Cousin Stacey that she was going to be on call as we would watch the barn camera. We watched her push with nothing happening, so we text Stacey to go take a look. Stacey has been battling a nasty sore back, so she took her assistant Charlie. Upon inspection they found only a head coming. Things were corrected and out they pulled a black boy and then a while boy. Both fine! Thankful for close neighbours that are willing to help! We are extra fortunate that this neighbour is a vet as well. The remaining ewes are all close, but I am certain they are just waiting for my busy week.

Saturday my mom and I sold Riverside 50/50 tickets at the Emo Legion in conjunction with Emo Spring Fever Days. It was decently busy, and we were pleased with how many tickets we sold. The shocking part that there were a few people that didn’t seem aware of the 50/50! Each month Riverside has a 50/50 draw, and most of the tickets are sold online. They have a $500 early bird prize, and the draw takes place at the end of each month. It has been such a wonderful fundraiser for all Riverside facilities across the District. Proceeds purchase much needed equipment for three hospitals and Rainycrest. So, if we sell $20,000 in tickets, you win $10,000 and the Foundation has $10,000 towards capital equipment purchases. All the money stays local. Since I am on the board, I am not eligible to win but I often purchase tickets for birthday cards, thank you gifts etc. Google Riverside 50/50 and you will find out all the ticket options! If you don’t have a computer, you can visit the Riverside Foundation Office or call Allison, she will be happy to help you with that! Thank you for supporting this 50/50 – it has been wonderful for the Foundation!

Sunday, we decided to go and visit two special friends in Littlefork MN. Wayne and Sharon Meyers are well known to many people across our District and have many friends here. We have been meaning to drop in for a visit for some time, but we decided we had to stop talking about it and just do it! The weather was miserable, so it was a great day for a visit! They were shocked and happy that we came, and we spent the entire afternoon visiting and laughing. It was time well spent! Sharp as tacks they were so happy to catch up with all that’s going on and hear about everyone’s kids and grandkids. Just like so many things in life, we need to take more time to do things like this!