Spring, where are you?

OK Spring, we are impatiently waiting on you. We had those few days of a test run and we all enjoyed you, so please come back.

I know I have been reminded it is better for the snow to leave us slowly, but I do not think it is necessary for it to be quite this cold. The water in the barn was freezing again. I do not have any animals in the barn right now other than our two cats and three rabbits, but they do not produce the heat like the cows do. We will be moving over the ewes shortly as they are due around April 8. We did not end up breeding the goats so it will only be lambs for us this year.

Our Local Vet Committee held their AGM last week. It was the first time we met in two years, and it was the first time I sat inside a restaurant since Covid started. Tom Morrish is our Chair, James Gibson the vice, Lisa Teeple secretary and I am the treasurer. The other members include Ang Halverson and Jacob Gerber. We are fortunate to have two Vet Clinics in our District as there are many producers in Ontario struggling to have access to Vet care. This committee pays for two contracts so that our clinics can access the mileage program provided by the government. Our committee collects funds from each municipality in our District and we charge $5 per farm to anyone in an unincorporated township. The vets are notified if you do not pay, and they are able to charge the farm the full rate. This program was developed many years ago and it is going under a review as we are all too familiar on how much gas alone has increased and the vets are maxing out their funds with only a few months or less into the contract year. We hope they come back with some helpful ways to keep our vets in the North. If you do have any concerns regarding vet service, please reach out to a committee member and we will do our best to help you. It you want more information about this program you can google Northern Producers Animal Health Network.

I had to leave the district this week for a few days and let my mom in charge of the farm. I tried to fill up hay feeders and put out extra straw. It is always hard to leave but like everyone says, you cannot change what is going to happen even if you are at home! Lexi and Bettie were the only ones sad that I was leaving. Everyone else was ready for a break from me.

I can get back in the Research Station now so once I return to the District, I will be working in Emo so you can find me there! The driveway melted enough but you still may need your winter books near the doors. As I look at the weather, we may need winter boots for a bit yet!

There will be a work-bee at the Sales Barn this Saturday. The penning will need to be installed in our old pole barn. If you are willing and able, please come and we always welcome any friends that are willing to help!