Spring lambs on the way

I am pretty sure we will all agree that this weather is good for the soul! I find myself feeling guilty that I am not outside, but we are limited on what we can do right now. I am limited to making little drains with my boots hoping the water will get away. The time will come and there will be plenty of work to do. For now I should just concentrate on income tax and my list of other projects that I have started or should start.

We should be seeing some lambs this week and thankfully with this warmer weather we shouldn’t have to keep them in the barn so long. Sheep are messy in the barn. It is not like a cow where you can go in and clean up the poop in the pen – their pellets are all over the place. I think most large operations just build a pack and that is fine, but since we are hand cleaning our barn, we don’t want it too deep.

We are going to try something else this spring…. We would like to get a few ducks again. Waterfowl is not easy to find this spring, but my mom has found some fertilized eggs, so we are going to try our luck with the incubator. I am a bit nervous since the incubator we have has few English instructions and it is something I have never done before! I think we will start the incubator and see how is goes for a few days to see if we understand it. We have seen some baby ducks across at the Tractor Supply Store and M & M are certain we should try bringing them home. I guess we don’t have much to lose other than our time. We don’t know if our incubator will turn the duck eggs and they need to be turned 5 to 7 times per day for the first 18 days. Sounds like we might have to set this up at my mom’s house! I have always wanted ducks and I do worry about predators, but I think we will give it a try! If we must, we will keep them in the electric fence with the sheep, goats, and alpaca.

I am hoping you are all planning a trip to Emo this weekend to enjoy Emo Spring Fever Days! There will be lots to see. I will be selling Riverside 50/50 tickets at the Emo Legion. I am pleased as normally our spring Cattle Sale overlaps but not this year!

Charlie & Levi, the twins from Dryden that I often mention had quite an Easter surprise! Their last ewe lambed, and she gave birth to five! All alive and all by herself. Can you just imagine how uncomfortable that poor ewe must have been with 20 little feet all poking her. Mom and babies are doing great. It was an exciting Easter morning for all of them.

Don’t forgot out spring Cattle Sale is April 29 and if you are planning to bring cattle please reach out to James Gibson and let him know what you are bringing! It really helps James when he is speaking with the buyers!