Soybean yields lowest ever

The weather certainly has improved for many of the fall jobs district farmers are trying to complete.
At the Emo Agricultural Research Station, we finally finished combining. Unfortunately, the soybeans were the lowest yields I’ve ever seen at EARS and the seed was small and varied in size.
It also still was quite soft so we immediately put it in our drying oven. We won’t tackle cleaning them until all our cereal trials are complete.
We hope to do some corn yields this week.
We are just going to treat all varieties as silage since we have heavy bird damage. And due to our late seeding, there will be no grain yields.
We will have to re-think how we do corn research next year, or perhaps just consider doing some on-farm trials instead of having plots destroyed by our many pests.
I still have to tackle the plowing—and I’m thinking it is going to be a pretty cold job this year (good thing I have lots of clothes!)
• • •
It was a busy weekend at home, as well. The calves all were vaccinated and moved out of the corral.
We also put up some new electric fence to teach both the bull and horse a lesson—and that worked very fast.
We brought all the cows home on Saturday so we could preg check the following day. I was pleasantly surprised on how well the cows co-operated and came home.
I wasn’t so happy with preg checking, though. I was pretty sure that I had some open cows, but I also was hoping that I was wrong. I wasn’t.
So I have six cows that are going to have to go, along with the bull! The worst part is four of them are, by far, my best cows.
I have found this particular bull to be very lazy but haven’t had troubles the last two years. But this year it proved true.
He is a great bull, with nice calves and great disposition, but this is very unacceptable. I guess it could have been worse, but it sure could have been better.
Funny how things work like this. Cattle prices are high and you end up with troubles.
I’m hoping that I can find some bred heifers now–but with high market prices, it is the most expensive time to be shopping!
These are the “joys” of farming!
• • •
It is a cattle sale week once again! It will go this Saturday (Oct. 25) starting at 9 a.m. and be our last sale of the year.
It is looking like James has been able to round up a bunch of great cattle once again. We also will have some bred cattle at this sale.
If you are interested in selling, buying, or working at our sale, get in touch with James at 487-2731 or 271-2005 (cell).
If you are just interested in watching a cattle auction, we encourage you to visit our sales barn in Stratton. Everyone is welcome.
We are one of the few auction barns that are community-owned and we are quite proud of it!