Sorting cows is always a big job

Okay, this waking up to snow is getting old real fast!
As I wake up in the night I always look at my cameras and I could see something blowing around, but I was hoping it was just the birds flying in and out of the barn.
We should have been getting this weather in March, certainly not May.
• • •
My students started back at EARS last week and we really accomplished a lot last week.
That certainly made me feel better and took some of my stress away. I still had myself in a bit of a tizzy as I was planning to sort cows, booster vaccines and get the bulls out on Sunday.
It is a big job and even bigger in the conditions we have. It was an all-day job.
I lost my boot three or four times and two of those times I had to dig the boot out. It was bad.
The cattle co-operated quite well. I think they knew that this time they would be moved to higher ground.
All of them but one calf, that is. She didn’t want to walk in the water and snuck under the fence.
I have tried to get her through the gate with her mother four times now, but she can’t see the opening.
So, they stand and bawl at each other. Funny how they can always see to get out but getting back in is never that easy.
I have three breeding groups and they are all on decent ground for now. If the weather smartens up they should be good until pasture time.
I have my feeder animals and some animals to A.I. (artificially inseminate) in the corral that I feel bad for.
The conditions are not that great, but we put in lots of straw hoping to keep them clean.
I may have considered hauling a group to my grandma’s, but I have a new vehicle and no hitch for the trailer yet! We were finished by 4:30 p.m. but then feeders had to be moved and hay put out.
It was a long day, but it is over!
• • •
We are waiting on our last two to lamb.
So far, we only have one on a bottle, but we have an ewe that isn’t feeling well.
Really not sure what is up with her, but the worst part is that usually a sick sheep is a dead sheep.
I thought by lambing later we would avoid this type of weather. I thought wrong.
• • •
My dad’s only sister passed away last week. She was only going to be 67.
She has been battling cancer for nearly six years and on more than one occasion things looked grim. She rallied and certainly had some good times during this time.
In March, her and her three brothers (and their spouses) attended the Blake Shelton concert in Minneapolis.
It sure makes you appreciate doing things like this. My dad wasn’t excited about going, but thankfully he did.
Her life was much too short, and she will be missed by so many.
• • •
The “Spring in Hawaii Gala” fundraiser for the Emo fair board this past Saturday was a huge success!
The organizers certainly gave it their all! It was a great night out and I hope a great fundraiser for them!
As some of us were celebrating at the Emo arena, there was another group of people celebrating Suzie Sigurdson’s 50th birthday party!
Happy 50th Suzie!