Some confusion over 4-H beef heifer show

I know I mentioned it may take me a few columns to get everyone caught up on the Emo Fair news and I guess because of the cattle sale last weekend, I may have overlooked it.
That and the fact that, of course, there are people who have some misunderstandings. In our 4-H beef heifer show there was some confusion on cattle entries.
In 4-H, cattle entries are in by June 1 so we have been aware of entries since then. There also was a new way of entering with 4-H Ontario that was going to solve all our problems (this is a sarcastic statement, as well).
Anyway, it meant that we were paperless, which sounds great until it is time to figure our classes and have them printed up. The website isn’t overly user-friendly (or at least not yet).
The order of classes should have been calves, yearlings, and first calf heifers with calves. They ended up splitting the yearlings and at the end of that, banners were handed out.
But this was done before all the animals were judged. As such, the banners were taken back (not ripped out of people’ hands but taken back).
Not every year do we have the first calf heifers with calves but we had a great showing this year. This is something that we are encouraging members to do because as leaders, we hopefully are encouraging youth to grow their own herds.
It was an error. It wasn’t done to hurt anyone or to cause hard feelings.
Everyone there, including the leaders and the ladies who spend all day at the judges’ stands, are volunteers. None of them are asking for a “pat on the back” and none of them will tell you that mistakes won’t be made.
This is life; this happens. It was too bad they were starting to hand out the banners but how do you think the other members would have felt with the banners already awarded before their cattle had ever been seen by the judge?
The kids work all year with their projects and deserve to show them off. No one intended this to happen, or intended it to happen to anyone, it is just too bad that people blow things out of proportion.
But this is also life and those who spend hours and hours volunteering get used to it.
• • •
I spent most of a day last week touring two people from the Grain Farmers of Ontario around the area.
I was a bit stressed because let me tell you, with it being the last week I had with my summer students at the Emo Agricultural Research Station (and we had plenty of combining to do), it was the last thing on my list.
They were totally shocked about all we had going on here. It was a great day because everywhere we drove, there were combines going.
I took them across the entire district and that alone had them amazed.
Good job to all you who were out there putting on a great show-it sure made me proud of our district once again.
• • •
We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday (Sept. 9) at “Laying Pipe in the Fight” at 11 a.m. in Pinewood.
There is going to be a great bunch of prizes and food, and we also will be doing our “Chase the Ace” draw at 2 p.m.
Tickets are going fast and we are selling out these last few draws. The progressive jackpot is now over $9,200 for this week.
I look forward to seeing everyone Saturday and raising money in the fight against breast cancer!

• • •
Here’s hoping everyone enjoyed their Labour Day long weekend as much as I did. Being home for three days was huge treat.
I don’t think I can brag about all that I accomplished but it was pretty successful.