Soil, crop tour, open house go well

Well, we are in cleanup mode after a busy couple of days with guests that were in for our soil and crop tour and open house.
The weather co-operated in one way that we were just finishing at our last stop at Philip Krahn’s before we had a display of thunder, lightning and rain.
This also meant there were many people baling hay, so they missed out on our day.
Those who are done baling were off on a holiday! Lucky people.
We had a small bit of rain before we toured our plots and a few drops while out there, but it turned out well!
Our special guests really enjoyed their time in the Rainy River District.
They complimented us some many times on the great people we have and were so impressed with our young farmers that we visited on the tour.
It isn’t often that a vice-president of the University of Guelph joins us for one of these days.
Our station is fairly unique in the fact that we have a lot of traffic most days and they seem to admire the great amount of support we have.
Thank you to all that took the time to attend and as well hosted us!
The little bit of rain we had just resulted in mud our on newly-painted floor, so the students are in full cleanup mode!
• • •
We are still working on hay at home.
Of course, last week my hours of working at home were limited because of the focus on the tour/open house.
My boyfriend/partner and my dad took up the slack and worked away.
We are in the last field with about a day left of cutting.
I’d really like to make some square bales this week so I am hoping the forecast will allow that.
It has been tough getting hay to dry and even knowing whether you should cut or not since the weather hasn’t been cooperating much.
• • •
In between haying we are working on getting our cattle ready for the Emo Fair that is just around the corner.
It is a really big job and I think it looks a lot easier than it is. I am happy that the girls are interested and able to do a lot more on their own.
We have nine in, but I think we are only going to bring seven to the fair (cross your fingers).
They would really like to attend the Dryden Fair this year as well.
Since we don’t have a cattle sale until Sept. 7, it is a possibility but they have a busier schedule than me so we will see if we can make that happen or not.
• • •
The 4-H food booth is looking for helpers! If you are looking for something to do at the Emo Fair, or you need to get in on come community hours for high school, please get in touch with Tammi LeBlanc.
Her phone number is 807-275-6432.
• • •
This is Claire’s last week at the Emo Ag Research Station for the summer. We are going to be sad!
We wish here all the best as she heads off to work on her thesis.
We’ve had a great summer, but time just goes way too fast!