Soil & Crop Tour and OCRC open house both successful

I have mentioned this before but three days at home in a row is heavenly. I mean I spent a good amount of my time working with fair cattle but in between that I got many little tasks done. If there wasn’t so much to do at work all the time, I think it would be a great option for me to only work four days a week and three at home. I was able to get my fair animals bathed and clipped and I was relieved. The entire time I am working with the animals I am thinking to myself, “yes, this is hard work and takes a lot of time, but should I be doing this when I have bigger tasks like fencing, manure hauling, cleaning corral on my list?” I am on my own, since both my nieces have jobs and much less time for Auntie Kimmie. I am hoping that once they figure out how to manage their time, they will be back doing these things. I am only taking four animals to the fair but that is enough for me. I am hoping to exhibit a few things in the exhibition hall as well, but I have not even had a chance to plan for any thing like that.

We had a very successful Soil & Crop Tour and open house at the research station last week. Attendance was great and we saw some excellent crops and other exciting things across the district. My mom did the donut pick-up for us in Rainy River and met us at Windy Ridge Dairy Farm. That was an excellent stop. I am very proud of the Martin family for all they have accomplished and been through.  The cows were incredibly happy and comfortable in their new facilities. They have two robots milking. My mom was surprised that the cow just heads into being milked whenever she feels like it is time. The robot will only milk if it is time and the average is three times per day. If a cow hasn’t been in to be milked a text is sent to Donald’s phone. They are hoping to have an open house so stay tuned and I strongly encourage you to visit!

Thank you to everyone who showed up at the research station.We work hard to have things prepared for that night, so it makes it much more worthwhile when you come and visit us. Thanks to my friend Debbie for having the snacks already for our return after visiting in the field. If you didn’t make it and would like to see anything you can stop in anytime. The girls and I combined our winter wheat on Friday. We used the old combine as I am not even sure how to operate the new one. They are sending up a trainer and I tell you, I need it. We have plans to do our second cut forages this week but I am not sure the weather is going to cooperate for us. The same thing happened last year and then we get into the critical cutting period, and I am torn on what to do. And as well, the spring cereals are quickly approaching maturity as well.

Thinking of the Haw family and the Munro family on their huge losses. It seems our district is going through some very tough times lately.