Soil and crop tour goes ahead August 2

Well last week was not a successful week for making hay! At least not at our place. Frustrating weather as we really didn’t have a lot of rain but enough to make it difficult. We have started cutting again so we are all looking forward to having it wrapped up. Unfortunately, I am off to Grand Bend ON for a few days, so I won’t be much help. It is quick trip but never quick enough when you should be at home doing something. Since I will be away for a few days I thought it might be a smart idea to put the ducks outside as they continue to get messier every day. I moved rabbits around and have the two of them in one of our rabbit cages. They seem to be doing fine and the weather looks to be warm for the week so I think they might enjoy it. Once I moved them out, I scrubbed my floor because they had water spread all over the place! This is only from the drinking bowls as they are not supposed to swimming until they are closer to five weeks old. They are going to love that day as they do their best to get in the little bit of water they have now. I find them skittish yet, but I am hoping that in time they will be less like that. Lexi is less interested in them now that they are not living in the house. We pulled our ram out of the sheep pasture as ewes could start cycling again as the nights get cooler. We certainly don’t want lambs in five months! He has a sore leg, so he doesn’t seem to care much that he is off alone. I have picked up some fair cattle but that is it. I have not done any work with them yet so that will have to take high priority form now on. I ended up in the ER last week with my ribs bothering me again. I was hurting so much that I was struggling to catch my breath, so the thought of wrestling cattle is a bit intimidating. I am feeling better so I will just have to be extra careful! I have decided that if the cow that I have in doesn’t want to cooperate nicely I will trade her up for someone else.

I was lucky to get to spend Saturday afternoon with a special couple! Timo Brielmann and Kailee Jodoin exchanged their vows on the beautiful Rainy River. It was a very nice celebration! Wishing them all the best for many happy years.

I am hoping that everyone has plans to join us for our Open House on August 2nd at 7:00 p.m. We have been busy getting things into shape and have some plans to show off some of the work we are doing with the Three Sister Project. The Soil & Crop tour will begin at 9:00 a.m. at Joe Sletmoen’s where we will have a look at some of the work he has done with the No till Drill. Lunch will be provided at Purity Seeds / Carpe Diem Farms. Dave Schraa has some plans to demonstrate some Fertility Management work. Another exciting stop will be visiting the new Robot Dairy Barn at Windy Ridge Farms – the Martin Family. There are other stops still getting confirmed so stay tuned and I will do my best to share the details with everyone.

Just a quick reminder that the Fall Fair is fast approaching (August 17, 18 & 19) and once again we will have some fantastic 4-H steers for sale! If you are looking to fill your freezer with some top-quality Rainy River Raised Beef – this is a great chance! You are welcome to partner with someone to purchase one. Let me know if you have any questions!