So thankful that summer’s here

Summer has officially arrived!
It really is my favourite season; long days and hot sun–what more could a farmer ask for?
I had a long list for the weekend after missing a weekend at home with my visit to Barrie, Ont.
I am so thankful that the weather co-operated.
It is time to start making hay and everything else gets put off until that task is over.
The hay is looking decent in some fields at least. I was worried since we haven’t had a very typical year.
This is the last week for our bottle lambs and they will be weaned off. They have done very well!
I am sure they will be happy to have fresh grass next weekend and forget about their bottles.
This is the last week my bulls will be out as well.
I am hoping that all the cows are bred by now. It is difficult to keep an eye on them once they are off on grass.
The bulls are such an important part of the operation, but they are used only a maximum of 60 days a year.
The flies are starting to gather around the cattle. I am trying out a new mineral this year that has fly control in it.
I am hoping that it will provide some relief.
Usually a sign of good grass is when the bugs are at their worst and the cattle don’t feel like eating.
• • •
The research station hosted a couple of class visits the last couple of weeks.
We were happy to have students from Our Lady of the Way and St. Michael’s schools. There were lots of great questions, but it is a toss up on what is a bigger hit–a wagon ride or sitting on a new John Deere Tractor?
Thanks to the teachers for choosing us as a class visit!
• • •
Stay tuned–Rainy River Meats is planning to bring back Street Meat Fridays!
What’s more, there is even a hint of doing a fish ‘n chip Friday!
Cassie Teeple has been hired at Rainy River Meats as our intern.
We are happy that she has joined the team and we hope she will find value in taking the position.
We are always looking for workers either at Rainy River Meats and or the abattoir so please get in touch with us if you are looking for work.
• • •
We still have people asking us about starting up “Catch the Ace.” We are considering that for the fall.
Laura Zimmerman is involved with “Chase the Ace” in Richer, Man. This Saturday, their pot will be $73,000.
You must be present to win, but how exciting is that?
• • •
This is your last week to get in on the Riverside Canada Cash Day lottery! The draws will be made on July 1.
This is an excellent way to win cash and support health care right here at home!
There weren’t many tickets left so get yours today. I would like to wish everyone a great Canada Day!
I love Canada and all things about it–my entire office at home is Canadian-themed.
I will proudly make an outdoor Canada Day display this week.
Enjoy your long weekend if you are lucky enough to have one!