Snow makes for tough going

Well, I’m looking forward to spring! My quick trips to barn every two hours took forever in the heavy snow Sunday night.
I could hardly wait for my dad to come with his plow truck.
Normally, my narrow path that “Rox” and I follow stays rather bare for as often as we go. Not Sunday night, though.
It seemed like it took me 15 minutes just to get to the barn—never mind walking around looking for all my “close cows!”
Speaking of which, I had a pretty busy week with calves. I have 13 now, with two sets of twins. Of course, the first set was coming in the middle of the night and the first calf was backwards.
You know you have good friends when you call them at 2 a.m. and they come with smiles on! I am thankful for good neighbours and friends!
The second set of twins came out of my cow with the sore foot (I think her foot is improving since she isn’t carrying that heavy load now).
I also have two of my embryo transfer calves on the ground now—one heifer and one bull! Fortunately, my cows are acting like surrogate mothers and loving them just the same.
Since most of my calves arrived over the weekend, there’s been a ton of poop to shovel, along with moving cows and calves in and out of the barn.
Thankfully, my mom has come and drove the wheelbarrow numerous times!
My body now feels like I’m 80.
I should be in for a busy week but then things will slow down.
• • •
I was looking forward to watching Maddie and Marlee in their hockey tournament on Saturday, with three games in Emo.
Of course, as I was thinking of leaving, I found two cows that were going to calve. I brought them into the barn and then went and watched one game—cow smell and all.
It was the first time I had seen them play this season and their little team has really improved!
Everyone should go and watch these little kids play. It is simply priceless!
• • •
Happy birthday to Charlie (this is my vet cousin’s little girl, who is one!)
They are coming next weekend to meet all the calves! I send pictures of all the calves to ‘M’ and ‘M’ (a.k.a. Maddie and Marlee), as well as Callen and Charlie.
‘M’ and ‘M’ came and met this first bunch of calves, and actually were able to see another one born, but Callen and Charlie live too far away!

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