Saying good-bye to ‘Daisee’

I’m sure that I’ve probably written before about the fall being a hard time on my animals.
It seems if something is going to die, it will happen now.
Turns out that my favourite old cow (“Daisee”) has congestive heart failure and we will have to put here to sleep. I’m hoping my boyfriend/partner and my dad will take care of that while I’m at work because I don’t want to be around.
I will not likely own another sweeter, smarter cow ever. She was the last 4-H heifer of Stacey (my vet cousin) and Gary Teeple told me it was his favourite cow as he saw her parading around at the Emo Fair most years.
“Daisee” would stand at the gate around mid-July in hopes that you would pick her to go to the fair (and truly would sulk if she didn’t get to go).
I think the only Emo Fairs she missed was the years she had steer calves. She loved the fair; she loved the TLC and the laying around in the barn while people walked by and some would stop and gently pet her pretty face.
She made it up to Dryden a few times, too.
“Daisee” also would stand at the gate and let you know it was time to let her in the barn when she was about to calve.
You never had to run her through the extra gates that I have up to ensure you can get the other cows in the barn; you just opened the main gate and she would walk right over to the barn.
You could do anything with her–more than once I caught her in the bush and put a halter on to bring her home.
Of course, she is bred right now with an embryo but she cannot finish her pregnancy because she is just too sick.
Like my girlfriend told me, “Kimmie, you get too attached!” And I do, but it was hard not be attached to such a good cow.
Thankfully I have her daughters, but I’m not sure they’ll ever be able to live up to her.
• • •
Just a reminder that the final cattle sale of 2012 goes this Saturday (Oct. 27) at 9:30 a.m. at the Stratton sales barn.
And don’t forget the Rainy River Federation of Agriculture’s annual dinner and meeting is set for Friday, Nov. 2 at the Emo Legion.
Get your tickets from any RRFA member.