Sales barn training day went well

Our sales barn training day on Saturday seemed to be a big success. We had a great bunch of people show up and the weather was great!
A big thank you to Aaron and Murray for bringing cattle to the barn and Melissa for bringing down her two horses. We were able to run through the entire process and so far all reports have been that everyone enjoyed it!
We ended our day with a pizza, pop, and some sweets that my mom and Susan provided–and we are ready to take on our first sale on April 22.
Just a quick reminder that we are planning a work-bee at the Stratton sales barn this Saturday (April 15) beginning at 9 a.m.
James has a few jobs that need to be accomplished prior to the sale so if you can spare a few hours, please join us!
• • •
Maddie and one of her friends, Lia, spent the weekend with us. They attended the sales barn training so they all are ready to work once they turn 14!
They helped moved all the ewes in the barn that will be lambing anytime now. Some of the ewes were so big they could barely walk. Since they haven’t been sheared yet, they are hot and very pregnant!
The girls decided it was time to make baby bunnies, so we moved our rabbits around and we hope to report in a month or so about bunny rabbits.
I had plans to get the cows and calves vaccinated this weekend, but the hours ran out so that now is moved to Easter weekend.
We dropped off Maddie and Lia on Sunday tired, dirty, and full of all kinds of new information. There is never a dull moment and we continually plan how we can grow our farm with all kinds of new animals. . . .
• • •
I hope you will see and hear all kinds of exciting information this week about “Catch the Ace!”
A sub-committee of the abattoir has decided to run the “Catch the Ace” raffle to promote the importance of having access of safe, healthy local food. Without an abattoir, this is not possible!
This is a progressive raffle with a chance to win each week (yes, draws are made weekly!) The lucky ticket that is pulled gets their chance to pick a card-the ace of spades is the jackpot winner but if you don’t find the ace, you still win 20 percent of the weekly sales!
Tickets will be $2 each and our first draw will be made during Emo Spring Fever Days on Saturday, April 22 at 3 p.m. at Rainy River Meats.
Tickets will be available beginning this Saturday (April 15).
Proceeds are in support of local youth Ag Education, Ag Awareness, and 4-H! And the draw runs until the ace of spades is found!
Tickets will need to be purchased each week! It is a weekly raffle! You will be able to purchase tickets at various locations across the district.
You also will need to watch for our weekly barbecue that will feature local meat-and, of course, a perfect time and place to buy your weekly tickets!
For tickets, call 276-4580 or487-2340.
We are excited about this and we hope you all will join in on the fun!
Stay tuned as this raffle unfolds and the locations of the draws are announced each week.
• • •
So we celebrated another birthday last week! It was my brother’s birthday on Friday and since he and Maddie were home alone, we decided to celebrate at my house with steak and ribs.
They have such a busy schedule that eating at home sometimes is a big treat. Eating your own beef is always a treat and a great way to celebrate a special day!
I joke that Shane once again has caught up to me but we actually are a year-and-a-half apart.
I certainly hope he has a great year ahead and one that is very healthy!