Sad to see summer go

September has arrived. Although I love fall (if it is warm and dry), I’m still a bit sad that summer is over. Time just passes us by.
I just had three days off and I still didn’t accomplish all that I wanted. I always wonder, “Is it just me or do others feel this way, as well?”
People have told me to celebrate what you did accomplish and not dwell on what you didn’t do. I am trying. I think we just put more pressure on ourselves at this time of the year because we know the number of workable days is drawing to an end.
You also must plan out things in advance. Cows need to be moved closer to home because it is time to do fall vaccines, weaning, and marketing. You have to book preg. checking and abattoir days, as well as make tough decisions on which animals will stay on the farm and those that are leaving.
Manure needs to be hauled yet, straw baled, and, if possible, a few more square hay bales.
By the looks of most of my sheds, they just need a good overhaul and a load taken to the dump. Things just continue to pile up and it’s time to unload a few of them.
I was lucky that Maddie and Marlee agreed to paint our new rabbit cage. It was on the list and they seemed happy to do it!
Two of the bunnies went to Fort Frances for a sleep-over. Ella the neighbour girl just got herself a new rabbit so it sounds like the three of them had a great time.
Ella spent a night in the country with us and she was meant to be on a farm. She is a real natural and such a pleasure to have around.
• • •
We have been harvesting our hops. It is a slow process but we are plugging away. With the unstable weather, we have been bringing the plants in, pulling off the hops, and then drying them in our oven.
We are surprised how much they are yielding!
We have lots yet to do at the Emo Agricultural Research Station so now I’m wondering if I should chop the plants and bring them in so they don’t over ripen. It is all new to us so we are finding our way as we go.
This is my last week with a student so I’m crossing my fingers we can tackle the remaining combing (not likely soybeans).
I think that is the other reason I get feeling kind of blue–it is so quiet without my students at the ag station.
• • •
I wish everyone a great school year. I think Maddie and Marlee were looking forward to school–or at least to try out their new backpacks and clothes.
I think most youngsters enjoy getting back to a routine although getting to bed on-time is tough for everyone after a summer of late nights and lazy mornings.

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