RRFA dinner a great time

Well, for those of you who didn’t make the RRFA dinner and entertainment night on Saturday, you missed out on a great time!
The board was very organized so the meeting portion passed quickly. And congratulations to Elaine Aveyard, who let her name stand to join the current board.
Bernie Zimmerman will continue on as president, Linda Armstrong as secretary, and Ang Halverson as treasurer.
Meanwhile, cowboy poet and humorist “Rhymin’ Diamond” Doug Keith did a great job of entertaining us–with lots of good laughs.
Maddie joined me and she told me she loved his story about the “tiny winy polka dot bikini and cold cream!”
Thanks to the RRFA board for organizing a fun night out!
• • •
I am back plowing at the Emo Agricultural Research Station—let’s hope the weather holds for a little bit longer.
It is sticky but likely what is giving me more troubles right now is the amount of stubble/straw I left in a few places. Some of it has been chopped and piled up from using the brush mower, but the other is just from the plots that were flattened by wind and rain.
I’m still hoping we will have time to work on our bio-mass trials, as well, but the plowing needs to get finished in order to have plots ready for growing next season.
• • •
I was able to convince a few cows to come home so I could haul them down to Nanny’s. They are not hungry yet so they didn’t come home all that easily.
I sorted off my embryo calves and they now are back at their home–Cornell Farms.
We also went and picked up our new ram, so we will leave him in for a couple of weeks and then he will get to meet our ewes.
He is black (we are calling him “Tom”) and we purchased him from Willow-Mor Farms (Tom and Shirley Morrish).
As well, I finally finished unloading straw into the hayloft, so we were able to put away our conveyor and Nanny’s little 8N tractor that we use to run the conveyor.
It’s always nice to cross a few more jobs off the long list!
• • •
If you are on my e-mail distribution list, you’ll know that I’m looking for a home for a very nice foster puppy!
She is about four months old and likely is a shepherd/lab cross. She was an abandoned puppy and Destiny Woolsey agreed to be her foster mama.
Destiny was going out of town last Thursday so “Hope” (the name we chose for her) has been at my place since then. She has come along way (she had never been in a house or knew very little about being around people).
“Hope” spent the weekend hauling cows, playing with “Roxee,” visiting people, patiently waiting in the truck, and, of course, being spoiled by Maddie and Marlee.
She has been great to have but she really needs to find a home that will love and spoil her. She has fit into our place very nicely, but I don’t want to have two dogs.
If you would like to see her, please let me know and I would be happy to arrange a visit or send a picture. She is going to be great dog so please help us out by finding her a suitable home.
Being a big dog-lover, this is very hard for me so please help me find her a forever home!