Research report completed

Well, it was pretty much down to the wire but I finished my research report before the Nov. 30 deadline.
I have to admit I was getting tired of sitting at the computer, and likely should have added a few things to some of the reports.
This way, you will have to contact me with questions!
I still have a few things to tidy up at the Emo Agricultural Research Station, but after that I’m a full-time farmer again.
• • •
I had a big list of errands to run on Monday, as well as babysitting Maddie and Marlee (Marlee is without a babysitter and Maddie didn’t want to miss out on a country day).
But we had to promise to learn something since she took the day off school.
I guess we’re definitely learning bush skills! Marlee’s heifer (“Lane”) is missing and after two days of looking, we still have found nothing—no bones, no birds, no anything!
I really cannot say when I saw her last. During the week, I only see the cattle when it’s dark and you certainly never get a good count.
Maybe a few weeks back, when the cattle were spooked and ran through the fence, is when she disappeared. I just don’t know.
She is a big, quiet animal and Marlee already had a name for her calf. Fortunately, Marlee is still very positive, telling me, “It’s OK, Auntie Kimmie, Lane will come back ’cause she will want to go to the fair.”
I hope so but I just don’t feel great about it all.
• • •
The Emo “Holly Daze” parade Friday night was absolutely great. This is the third year the girls and I participated, and the first year the girls felt comfortable riding in the wagon alone behind the four-wheeler.
This year was special since “Roxee” was able to ride with us, too. We just have to work on tossing out more than one candy at a time!
The fireworks afterwards also were a big hit and Emo should be proud of a job well-done.
• • •
The local Hereford association also held its annual meeting on Friday night, so we rushed off to Stratton once we were done our “Holly Daze” festivities.
The association had a very successful year and the new board is ready for 2013!