Research and celebration make for busy week

I spent a good part of my week working on my Research Report. I would say I am three-quarters finished and if I wasn’t so easily distracted, I would likely be finished. Something pops into my mind, and I am off onto something else. I must get back to my Three Sisters project and counting seeds, but I warned them that I was taking some time to complete my report. I thought they might offer me to send them off and they would do the counting but that hasn’t come up, yet! There is plenty of cleaning to do as well but it is funny how things like that always wait for you.

My meetings last week were all virtual otherwise I would have been travelling all over the province and still be recovering from it. Many people don’t like virtual meetings, but I do see good in it. There aren’t many days that I don’t have something to work on for either the Cattlemen’s or the Abattoir so being home helps keep up to date on those jobs.

Our 4-H Awards night was help on Saturday night with a great crowd on had. Gary & crew served us all an excellent meal! It is always a treat to see our 4-Hers in one spot getting recognized for their hard work. Congratulations to Sydney Romyn for winning the DeGagne Award for accumulating top marks for the 3-year consecutive years in Beef Club work. Best wishes to our two graduating senior members, Malena Flatt and Andrea Schram who have aged out as members, but we hope they will continue to be involved with 4-H in the District. It is always nice to see kids stay in the program until they are 21! Thanks to the Awards Night Committee for hosting a nice night for the 4-H Program.

Last week Aaron Bujold was in Regina participating in Agribition. It is one of the biggest cattle shows in Canada. Aaron showed a heifer and bull calf that was born and raised on Bujold Farms just outside of Fort Frances. He also showed these two animals in Brandon at Ag Ex at the end of October. Aaron did very well with his animals and our District should be very proud to have someone competing at such a high level and doing so well. I am very proud of him for living his best life! Aaron has a passion for showing cattle and does a really good job. He also has a passion for Hereford Cattle and of course that warms my heart. This weeklong show ended on Saturday night where they bring all the Champion females and bulls into the ring together and select a Supreme Champion. It is incredibly exciting to watch. It was even more exciting that a Hereford Bull was select as Supreme and a Simmental Cow/Calf. Another great reason why we are lucky to have the ability to watch things online – I felt like I was there!

I started my light display! I likely have another week before I am finished but I plugged away at it when I could over the weekend. Saturday seemed strange as I was running extension cords on the green grass, but Sunday was much more normal with snow and cold wind! Hope you will take a drive and check them out!