Remembering June

I am not quite sure how long ago this was now, but Wendy Judson tracked me down and asked me if I would consider sitting on the Riverside Foundation Board. She was looking to step down and wanted to have someone from Emo continue on the board.

I thought about it and decided I would give it a try. Little did I know I was about to meet an incredible lady and friend. She sat at the table all dolled up, jewelry and all. Her incredible wit left me laughing many times. Her English accent was adorable. This sweet lady was June Keddie and I am so thankful that she came into my life. I was immediately drawn to her.

One of her first stories she told me was about a recent visit to the E.R. and she said, “Kim was the locum Doctor ever HOT, Oh, My!”

Jimmy, June’s husband would often give her a ride to our Foundation meetings, but I was lucky enough to give her a ride home. I often had Roxee with me and Roxee was a dog that felt she was entitled to the front seat, but she always allowed June to ride in the front seat, while she moved to the back. June was the only one – the rest of us rode in the back. June always told me how well behaved she was. Of course, that made my day.

June told me many funny Jimmy stories. They had travelled many miles together. At one point, Jimmy was really into his camera equipment and taking bird pictures. June said, “he doesn’t think I know about the stuff he’s buying to capture his photos, but I do!” She thought it was funny that he purchased a drone and said, “he doesn’t think I know he purchased one, but I do, and he will never figure that out!” I am no sure if he did or not.

Jimmy was incredibly sweet to June and always met us at the door to make sure she got into the house safely. June was a very busy lady and volunteered and participated with many organizations and events. She knew so many people! I think everyone was drawn to her sweet, funny nature and endless stories.

We were both honoured with a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubliee Medal. The medal was quite large, and June was aware that there was a smaller version that would be more appropriate to wear. She contacted John Rafferty our MPP at the time and made sure he got one for both her and I. June always liked to hear what I was working on and told me many times that I worked too hard. This coming from a lady who worked extremely hard through some difficult times and gave so much to her community and friends.

June’s birthday was February 18 and she loved to celebrate! Of course, it seemed it was always a -40 day, and the time of year I am calving, but when I got her call inviting me to her birthday, I did my best to never miss. This past year we celebrated with champagne, tea, and fancy sandwiches. June’s friends prepared a beautiful birthday party. I am so thankful that I made it work, as that will be June’s last birthday celebration; she passed away on May 20.

I will miss her phone calls. She would usually call my mom first and always say “Kim?” My mom would say “No, this is Kim’s mom!” They would have a visit and my mom would let me know that June was looking for me. For whatever reason June and I became attracted to one another it is something that I will treasure forever, and I know that I am a lucky person to have known her.