Rain, rain go away!

This rain! We have had just over six inches of rain this month alone, with two of that falling over the weekend.
It is starting to really get to me. It affects my work and my farm—and we have no control over it! I wore rubber boots all weekend just to walk around the yard.
It’s pretty hard to make hay. And even if the rain stops, we’re still looking at a few days of warm temperatures to dry things up.
Last year, there were many spots in our fields that we had to leave because of the water and it’s looking like it won’t be much different this year.
The other thing is the cattle don’t do as well on this wet grass! They consume more water than they do forage.
Of course, it also creates an excellent environment for pests so they are battling that all the time, as well.

Our fence pushing project ended up getting postponed because of the weather, so we continued to work on building our duck house!
We’ve spent a lot of time making things safe and fun for them. They seem to be enjoying their new area and have managed to figure out how to climb their stairs to get themselves in and out of their pool.
We often see them all stretched out lying around the pool—soaking up the little bit of sun we have had.
Between them and the lamb that thinks he is dog, we spend a lot of time laughing at these comical, entertaining animals. I think it is a true definition of a “funny farm!”

The Emo Agricultural Research Station welcomed Nestor Falls School for a visit last Friday.
We toured them around some of our plots and tried to point out how agriculture is a part of your life everyday–even if you don’t realize it!
They were off to the Emo Spray Park to celebrate their last day of school!

The Rainy River Soil & Crop Association is welcoming the executive of the Ontario Soil & Crop Improvement Association on July 19.
They are planning a tour and barbecue, and will be looking for some farmers to join in the day’s events. Their idea is to promote our district and share with them all that we have going on here.
We will have another planning meeting this week so watch for more details!
A reminder our annual crop tour and open house have been booked for Thursday, July 28.
Again, not all the details are worked out but we will post this ASAP.

The Rainy River Stewardship Committee successfully found homes for more than 20,000 trees again this year!
Next year we are reducing our order to 10,000 so you will need to be quicker in picking up the seedlings.
Thanks to everyone who sold, distributed, and planted. It’s great to see how many people realize the value of planting trees that will benefit our district well into the future.

Wishing everyone a great long weekend! It’s hard to believer July 1 already is here.
Stay safe and I hope everyone is wishing for some drier days–we really need it!
And remember, this is the last week to purchase “Canada Day Cash Lottery” tickets in support of the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, so be sure to get your ticket ASAP!
Health care effects all of us and you have a chance to win the $10,000 grand prize, second prize of $2,000, third prize of $1,000, and four prizes of $500.


Rain, rain, go away


Children enjoyed a swim after getting rained out of their canoe time at the Memorial Sports Centre-hosted sports camp last Friday afternoon and shared the pool with the Rec’n Crew. Attendees were stuck playing indoor baseball earlier in the day and had the weather interfere with their football and golf plans earlier in the week. Councilor Matt Hebert admitted it was “actually not a good week at all” in terms of weather.
–Justin Holmes photo