Rain needed; storms, not so much

Sounds like we are back in the heat wave again. I enjoy it but this heat usually brings on a thunderstorm and though we need the rain it would be better if it didn’t come with all that force. It is dry enough that lightning could potentially cause us some problems. I had a few drops of rain at my place on Sunday, but my lawn is starting to look like we live in Arizona. The grass is holding up, but the re-growth will be slow without moisture. The bugs are great, and the cattle spend many hours huddled up fighting them off. I think the cows have started to pick up now after getting out on grass. I felt my cows were thinner than what I am used to seeing and I think the poorer hay was showing up in them. I think my butcher cattle are doing very well and I think they have good finish on them already. My mom has a bottle lamb that she feeds three times a day, but my mom was off to a country music show, so I weaned her back to two times a day. I am sure the lamb was unimpressed and looking forward to my moms return. Truth is, she could easily be fully weaned but I will let my mom make that big decision.

Friday my students and I were off to Brielmann Ag to do a quick crop tour. It was a great couple of hours looking at some very impressive crops. It is great to gather and share information like that. People sharing the goods and bads is super helpful and you really learn a lot from each other. We have a spring barley headed out here at the Station. It is early for that and it honestly kind of scares me. We sure don’t want to see winter in September.

Earlier in the week I attended the NOHFC reception at Seven Generations and then participated in their bus tour across the District. They visited or drove past many of the projects that have been supported by NOHFC. They took the time to stop at our sales barn and I was happy to show it off. Comments coming from the bus were very positive as they enjoyed seeing where and what the dollars are doing. They were very impressed with the Rainy River District.

I realize this is a long shot, as most everyone is looking for staff, but if you are looking for work at either the Abattoir or the Meat Shop please reach out! If you haven’t joined the Facebook page for Rainy River Meats or looked at their new website – please do! We now have the options of ordering online! Local Meat will not disappoint you – check it out today. Webpage is rainyriverabattoirandmeats.com and the Facebook page is Rainy River Meats. Thanks to Sarah for getting this all dialed in for us!

Many producers are making hay! This is somewhat early for the beef producers but this weather is making it great. Just a reminder to stay safe on the road as they are hauling equipment and hay. These farmers are doing their job -they are not trying to slow you down – so please be patient!