Rain left a big mess

Thankfully the rain showers have left us. What a mess!
I think we all can agree we certainly don’t need that kind of weather at this time of year.
I easily could skate right out to the barn and it actually might be safer than trying to walk. Then again, it is much easier to step into a pair of boots than lace up skates, especially when you are going every two-three hours.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee both were playing in a hockey tournament in Emo over the weekend so I tried to sneak in a few games.
On Saturday night, I was sure I had a cow calving so I decided to stay home. Thankfully I made that decision–she was calving but there was a foot back!
Fortunately, I was able to push the calf back and successfully get the other foot. I may have come home to a dead calf so it was the right decision to make.
Both girls were able to run home with me and check on calves between games, so they were up to date on things.
I also enjoyed the visits on the drive home and back as they both told me about the hockey games (i.e., penalties, referees, other players, and Daddy as coach).
It’s quite fascinating how their little minds work and just how in the game they really are!
Both their teams earned the first-place medals so it was a great weekend.
• • •
We still are plugging away with raising money for our abattoir project. We have a GoFundMe page (www.gofundme.com/rrabattoir).
We need a person working on finding and encouraging farms to feed and raise animals, but also finding the markets for these animals.
Farmers have indicated they are not marketers–they will raise the animals but they don’t want to be our finding a place to sell them.
This person also needs to take the time to work with some of our local retailers and encourage them to have shelf space for local products.
It doesn’t mean these products will be cheaper, but it will allow the consumer to make the decision on whether they want to purchase products that have travelled less miles.
“Rainy River Raised” meat and produce is likely some on the cleanest, “greenest” food that you will ever have access to.
You may wonder why we are not able to do this without fundraising. Well, the plain truth is that the expenses required to run our facility suck up our funds very quickly.
Our taxes alone are $20,000 per year—and this is lower than when we started!
We simply need more animals going through our facility but we need someone working on this.
Take the time to visit our page and if you’re able, please donate–we really do appreciate it!
• • •
If you are in need of a growers pesticide licence, a course will be held here in Rainy River District on Wednesday, March 9.
You need to pre-register at www.opep.ca
You need a licence to purchase chemicals in Ontario. The course is a great way to remind us of the safety measures that we need to take when working and using these chemicals.
Here in Rainy River District, we can purchase chemicals from Emo Feed & Farm Service and Purity Seeds. But these businesses are unable to sell to us unless we have the requited licence.
The course is not difficult so be sure to take the time to participate.