Rain brings things to standstill

Well, here at home we had more than three inches of rain over the holiday weekend.
I know it varied throughout the district but the only thing it seems to be good for at home is keeping the lawn growing!
Truthfully, it was just starting to get nice again in the yard and we were fortunate to get a fair bit of hay baled last week. But we’ll be at a standstill now for a few days.
The manure pile still is waiting for us and we do plan to cut some more hay.
Of course, there are other projects to be tackled even if its wet (the list just keeps getting added to).
I was fortunate enough to hire Dave Donaldson last week and we tackled a few plots. Dave worked as a summer student in the past so he fit in very smoothly.
We are caught up on our combining now but we’ll need to wait until the other plots ripen and mature.
We’re hoping we can finish up our project this week at North End Farms but Mother Nature will need to co-operate before we can get there.
Now we have plenty of seed to clean and, of course, prepare plots for fall (i.e., fertilizer, spraying Round-up, and hopefully planting another winter wheat trial).
And somewhere in there, we will be getting our tile drainage job completed.
• • •
Despite a rather wet weekend, I really enjoyed being home for three days.
We had tried to surprise my Auntie Carol and Uncle Bob with a 40th anniversary party but their oldest grandchild kind of let it slip before it all took place.
Still, we had 47 adults and 22 kids at my house Saturday night to celebrate!
I hope they were pleased—there was a lot of good food and visiting!
• • •
I polished up my house again Sunday morning and thought we should have planned Christmas since my house was clean and ready for it.
Marlee didn’t think that was such a great idea just in case there would be no presents.
Then on Monday, we had the pleasure of the company of Ms. Vienna (my second cousin) and my Auntie Joanne and Uncle Ricky. Vienna was visiting us from Toronto and, at only 20 months old, she could tell us that she lived in Toronto.
She wanted a farm tour so we did our best to show her everything. She loved four-wheeling and when we quit, she wouldn’t be long telling us “More!”
We hope she remembers her visits to the country and comes back again!
• • •
It looks like we are going to have more fall-like weather this week, so let’s all hope for some dry days so we can work on all those little jobs that need to get done before our next season arrives.