Putting up Christmas lights takes some time

It looks as though winter is here!
I was hoping the snow would get me more into the Christmas spirit! I started putting up my outside lights but ended up getting very little done.
It takes me a week to get it all dialed in, so it looks like I’ll be working evenings this week if I want to have my yard all lit up by Dec. 1.
I also have a couple of new ideas for this year so I’m hoping I have enough extension cords!
• • •
I think I’ll give up plowing my last range here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station as it feels much too much like winter.
I still have some machinery organizing to be able to get it all into our shop.
It seems it gets harder ever year. Since my boss is retiring, we had an important conference call with our officials so we know how things will work in the near future (there will be some adjustments but here in Emo we are used to long-distance reporting, etc.)
I finally finished vaccinating and de-worming the sheep and the bulls. For some reason I just kept putting those jobs off.
Actually, it went quite smoothly. I think we are getting use to handling the sheep–they follow much better than being chased.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee brought out a couple of their friends (Mackenzie and Jorja) to play on the farm.
It’s too bad that it had to be so cold and miserable, and most of the animals were all tucked away out of the day.
But the girls had fun in the barn anyway!
• • •
Sierra Woolsey and her new baby boy were home to celebrate her great-grandma’s 99th birthday and they were surprised with a baby shower!
She is a great mom and was tickled showing off her big bundle of joy!
• • •
I am saddened with the news of the layoffs at the Resolute mill in Fort Frances. It is going to be a difficult time for so many and the ripple effects with be plenty.
Let’s hope some of the other brighter industries will help many of the affected.
• • •
A reminder to join us for the Rainy River Hereford Association’s annual meeting and potluck supper this Friday (Nov. 30) at 6 p.m. at the Stratton Seniors’ Centre.
And don’t forget that Emo’s annual “Holy Daze” festivities go this Friday and Saturday (Nov. 30-Dec. 1).

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