Puppy and lamb worries

Wow! We really can’t complain about our weather for our Easter Weekend. Other than the wind on Good Friday could translate to 40 days and 40 night of strong winds. That is what my grandma told me for years. It was warm enough for me to take off my long johns and break into some summer wear. I think there is something amazing about the first warm day – it seems like it gets right into your soul. I have some very pregnant ewes that were finding the sun just a little too much for the full winters coat. We ended up moving them over to the shed and barn – at least it is cooler there. Some of them can barely walk they are so heavy with lambs. I think my mom is going to be busy…😊

I understand we could be in for some rain this week, but up until this point, the barn yard has been staying so nice. The cattle are very lucky.

Calving season is winding down, with lambing season just around the corner, at the Bliss farm. The warm weather has been great for the new calves, but not so much for the very pregnant ewes. – Kim Jo Bliss photo

I debated running the cattle through the chute and giving them their first round of vaccine, but thought I should hold off another week. I am certain that I will regret that. It is all about figuring out your breeding and calving dates for next year. The cows and bulls just need their annual booster, but the calves need to be vaccinated and boostered three weeks apart. I was considering moving my calving date back a couple of weeks… and I still have time to decide that.

The calves are wanting to explore now that the weather is great, and they are a bit older. It is a great time to train them to the electric fence. If they get themselves a good shock at a young age, they are much more respecting of all fences throughout their lives.

Berkley, the new addition to Maddie and Marlee, got herself into some trouble the other night. Marlee called very upset so as soon as I heard her, I knew it was something about the new chocolate lab. Marlee explained that Berkley was eating something, and she was sure it was a marijuana butt.

She ran to her, but she couldn’t get it out of her mouth. Berkley was very sick. Shaking and dozy, energy and then she would fall fast asleep. Of course, this was on Good Friday and I didn’t want them to have to bother the Vet Clinic, so we did some searching. We really hoped it was marijuana and not a cigarette butt as that is more deadly.

Marlee calmed down some and though none of them got much sleep Berkley seemed more herself the next day other than she still seems to have an upset stomach. Please don’t litter people! It is not only gross but potentially dangerous for people, pets, and our environment.

Wednesday April 7, 1971 my brother was born! Wednesday April 7, 2021 my brother is turning 50! I wish we could plan a great big party but for obvious reasons that isn’t going to happen. Happy 50th Shane!