Preg checking done in record time

Well, this weather could certainly stick around for a couple more months in my eyes. Everything I sit down to write my “Moos” I think I should not talk about the weather, but it affects everything I do. A warm dry, fall is hard to beat. Yesterday we preg. checked our cows and we did not need to wear rubber boots (though I still did because it is too odd not to). Like I have mentioned I get very anxious prior to preg checking – thinking about a disaster situation that we could end up with a bunch of open cows. Saturday morning when I got up the cows were all coming home for water and salt so I decided I would lock them up as it beats chasing/convincing them to come home. When I was shutting gates, I noticed a cow in heat, so I was sure hoping that wasn’t a sign of more to come. Turned out she was the only open cow and the vet felt she had just aborted, and we had one 2-year-old. That and the fact we likely went through the cows in record time turned out to be a very good day. The only downfall: I have a bad infection in my hand from a cut either from my ducks or their kennel and I really wanted the vet to fix me up and she told me I needed a Dr. I mean…. She is a Dr! I tried but ended up going to the ER. So, let’s hope this improves quickly or I will be heading back there. My health card is another problem that I must deal with. I misplaced my card by making the mistake of going to a Dr appt this spring but thinking I was being smart by not taking my wallet, just my card. Huge mistake, never to be seen again. I ordered a new one. It took some time to arrive,

but it did. It was piled up with all the flyers and it made its way to the burning barrel, and I have been too embarrassed to call and tell them this.

Katie and I have been busy at the Research Station. We spent a day in the new combine and worked out some issues that were challenging us. We think we have a better understanding of it and are looking forward to using it on our soybean and dry bean trials. Cereal plots are not cut and just need to be baled. We worked on hops and hope to finish them this week. After that we will work on cutting some of the forage trials. They are well over-due, but we can only do one thing at a time! We have a good chunk of seed cleaned but I don’t have it entered in the computer because I feel like that is a rainy-day job! I am thankful for Katie because she has worked here previously, and she can tackle any job here easily.

Another good news story! My little goat (whether) found a new home! A friend of mine lost one of her horses and she felt the remaining horse was lonely! We delivered him North of Rainy last week and it was quite neat to see how happy the horse was to see the little goat. Animals are truly incredible. I am so happy he has a great home and will have many fun days at his new place.