Plowing seems to be done for the season

Well, even though I’m not quite done plowing, I just might be the way things looked and felt earlier this week!
I don’t think I’m brave enough to pack myself onto the tractor. I have about a day’s worth of seed to clean, so I think that is what I’ll tackle.
My final report also is far from finished, so I’m not lacking anything to do, for sure.
The mice have been steadily moving in so I’ve been tackling them, too. I was thinking of bringing “Roxee” along to help, but now worry about doing that with all the bait I have put out.
• • •
I was planning a 50th birthday party over the weekend for none other than Debbie Zimmerman! I was busy trying to clean up my house for the celebration and what did I discover but a crack in my sewer pipe.
Luckily it wasn’t a huge crack, but enough that it made a mess of the drywall and basement floor.
Then to top it off, “Roxee” went out and was sprayed by a skunk! So I was thinking it was going to be one smelly party—sewer and skunk!
Last year I was planning a fondue night to celebrate her 49th and my dog died, so that ended that party. This year it was freezing rain.
The party ended up being smaller than planned, but we certainly had lots of good food and some even better laughs.
Debbie’s birthday actually falls today (Nov. 14) so if you happen to be in Tompkins Hardware or Rainy River Meats, be sure to mention it to her.
Meanwhile, I’ve decided to not have any more parties for her!
• • •
Something really spooked my cattle Saturday night. They ran through the barb wire fence in three different spots, knocking down quite a stretch.
They even missed the open gate and ran through a section, so something had them upset. In fact, they still were nervous on Sunday when I was feeding them.
It could be wolves or possibly the elk that tend to move in for the winter.
On a related note, fencing isn’t nearly as fun when it’s this cold on your fingers!