Plenty to be thankful for

I was really thankful to have three days off this past weekend!
Of course, you never get caught up on your list but it still was nice to be home! And even better, we enjoyed two Thanksgiving meals (neither of which I cooked and trust me I am thankful for this!)
My unpaid farm help (my dad) has been plugging away at getting the manure hauled, so I am very thankful for this! Meanwhile, my mom and I spent the day together Monday and did some shopping (I’m not so thankful about shopping but thankful to spend the day with my momma!)
We also preg-checked our cows on the weekend, with the help of my very pregnant vet cousin, and again we were thankful to have only two open cows and one yearling!
And I was very thankful that my cousin didn’t go into labour that night (she is due early November).
Maddie and Marlee were able to help with preg-checking for a bit of time before they had to hurry off for hockey.
They are becoming more and more helpful all the time, and I am really trying to teach them about cattle handling.
I didn’t teach Marlee this but as my mom was walking out to the barn, she was hollering, “Grandma, don’t be using your angry voice with the cows—only Auntie Kimmie can do this!”
Poor Grandma hadn’t even made it to the corral and she already was in trouble!
Auntie Kimmie certainly does use her angry voice sometimes, but Maddie and Marlee are not supposed to be paying attention!
There are no dull moments when the girls are around—and I am so thankful to get to share so much with them both (even my angry voice!)
• • •
The wolves and coyotes certainly are active around the district. They have been waking us up and startling the cattle.
They also appear right in the yard in broad daylight.
I certainly notice less and less deer around, too. And I’m worried they will start after my sheep since there are fewer deer.
• • •
The final cattle sale of the year is set for Saturday, Oct. 26 at the Stratton sales barn.
We decided to start selling a half-hour earlier (at 9 a.m.) since we seem to be getting more and more cull cows and bulls with prices being quite decent at our barn.
Sales barn manager Philip Krahn has some bred cows lined up to sell at 1 p.m., with the protocol cattle to follow.
Once again, the sale will be broadcast with DLMS, where you can easily log on and view or buy cattle!
• • •
Destiny and I managed to harvest our soybeans last week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. It took us most of the week but we did finish on Friday.
Of course, there were five or six varieties that didn’t mature, but the others came off quite nicely.
I have a deadline for oat, barley, and wheat performance trials (Oct. 15), which didn’t make!
I am still about three weeks behind!
• • •
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture has set the date for its fall meeting on Saturday, Nov. 2 at the Emo Legion.
A social hour is at 5:30 p.m., with supper at 6:30 p.m. and entertainment to follow featuring cowboy poet and humorist “Rhymin’ Diamond” Doug Keith.
The RRFA is hoping to have a great turnout and would appreciate everyone taking the time to come out for an enjoyable night!
We all need a good laugh and a good visit!
Contact any RRFA director for tickets!