Out with the calving, in the lambing

Mother Nature gave us a reminder that it was still March! Though the snow didn’t last long, it did provide us with some moisture. We have certainly been receiving our fair share of wind, which certainly helps to dry things up. The barn yard is staying decent and you could still likely get around without rubber boots, but you may want to pick and choose your trail. I got my last calf! I should have a couple weeks before lambs start but now that I have spoken, it may all change! The ewes are finding the days warm with a full coat of wool and some with multiple lambs that look like they are sticking out the side of them. They are literally waddling around. Being this heavy I worry about them getting cast. This is like a cow getting on her back – sheep do this when they get heavy.

Berkley, the new Chocolate Lab spent a couple of days in the country! I think she enjoyed it and it certainly let her sleep through the night.

Marlee parted ways with her two ducks. We delivered them to the Henzmann Family, and they welcomed a male (drake) with hopes of some little ducks at some point. I asked if Marlee was sad about leaving her ducks, but she was happy that they had a good home and were united with the other two ducks that came in her order last spring. She has more time to focus on Berkley and growing her into a nice dog.

Things are picking up at Research Station. We are seeing some seed coming in and protocols are crossing the desk. I am really going to try hard to not get behind on files early in the season, so it is less work at the end of the season. . . (I did say try hard!)

I decided to sell a cow to a friend, and she will be heading to the abattoir this week. Selling a cow isn’t an easy thing to do as they have established a place in the herd. She delivered a dead calf this year and though it wasn’t anyone’s fault, she would be open until next year at this time and it doesn’t make economical sense.

The Spring Cattle Sale is quickly approaching! The date is set for April 24. James is interested in knowing what you may have for sale but is cautious about doing many farm visits with Covid still on the radar. If you have animals to book, James would appreciate you giving him a call at 807-271-2005. Of course, we will be looking for staff for our sale as well so let him know if you are able to work. Be on the look-out for a work-bee prior to the sale and then of course right after. We have a big job to get our scale out and prepare for the new build and of course have it all done again before our August Sale!