Our grain farmers are truly struggling

I am really hoping that now the first day of fall has arrived that our weather will turn around.
The east end of the district missed out on a horrible storm on Friday night. I am hearing reports from three to seven inches of rain in places and it came in short order.
This is not funny.
Our grain farmers are really struggling, and the cattle producers are not much better.
Like I have mentioned before, as a farmer you don’t get a paycheque every couple of weeks.
It is only when you market your products.
So right now, the paycheques are standing in the field, either as a crop or on four legs.
It gets a slight bit scary when the end is not in sight when we are approaching this time of the year.
This doesn’t only affect your financial well being; it also affects your mental being as well.
There is a heck a lot of work that needs to get finished before the next season sets in and it requires some decent weather.
• • •
We hauled all of cows and calves home over the weekend.
Cows were preg. Checked and calves were weighed.
Our “Maria” cow raised twin steers this year. One weighed 650 lbs. and the other 610 lbs.
We are very proud of her but the worst part, she is open. We are considering giving her a year off since she worked so hard this year.
We have a few days to decide which heifers are getting to stay as replacements but that is a task.
You can’t keep them all but when you then when you sell them and are disappointed with the price it breaks your heart as well.
Heifers often get hit hard, especially Hereford heifers.
I hit my head bad on Saturday working with the first group of cattle.
Ended up going into the emergency and I have a concussion.
This is not the first time I have hit my head on the gate in the handling facility; it’s not like I am tall or anything.
• • •
This Saturday is our cattle sale. It is often one of the bigger ones.
If you are planning to bring cattle, you should let James know ASAP.
This helps him communicate with the buyers and they arrange orders.
If you can work, please get in touch with James or myself.
A big sale means long days and nights so we would be happy to find a job for you. James’ cell is 807-271-2005.
• • •
Last week some great people from our community and Lake of the Woods Brewery came together for a hop picking day!
We ended up sending around 85 lbs. of hops to Kenora for the brewery to make their first wet brew.
They think they will end up with around 1,800 litres of beer from this! We are so excited!
It is a great feeling when a project ends up going in such a positive direction and we have some great people in our own district with a lot of potential in the hop production business.
• • •
Wishing Chantelle Teeple a very happy 30th birthday this week!
Her and I are lucky that we get to spend our birthdays at the cattle sale pretty much every year!