Optimism high this time of year

April 1st! This is a busy month. Many farmers will be busy with calving and preparing for the spring land work.
Equipment will be getting the tune up it needs, fertilizer will be spread, and seed will be planted soon in hopes of a great season ahead.
Optimism is at its highest at this point. We tend to compare last year to relate to this year–“Last year was a bit of challenge, so this year should be great?” Who knows?
It has been said, later Easters result in later springs. Could be? The snow is receding, but it is pretty cool yet, not ideal for much growth.
We can’t change much on this front, but we will spend many conversations discussing it!
• • •
Another very successful work-bee tool place at the Abattoir on Saturday.
Thank you so much to everyone that showed up and took on some big tasks. I missed out on most of it but stopped in to be sure things were set up for coffee and lunch and then again at the end of the day. The place was looking good!
Thanks again to my mom and dad for helping by preparing and delivering lunch!
The guys were joking when I left that is one of the perks of having me on the board was the food! My parents are very helpful in that department.
• • •
I sure hope you are planning on attending the Spring Ag Day this weekend.
The RRFA has put together a great agenda and this year they are hosting a trade show! The entire event will take place at the Chapple Hall. Lunch will be available for $5. Doors will open at 8:30 a.m. with the first speaker beginning at 8:45 a.m.
• • •
Black Bettie, my house bunny, needs to work on her social skills.
Whenever I have company she likes to leave these little rabbit pellets scattered around. Lucky they are easy to pick up.
But the other night her and my boyfriend/partner were watching T.V. All things are good if you are petting her. He stopped, and she peed on him.
This was the first time this happened. He wasn’t impressed, and she ended up being locked up.
Sunday night it was just her, I and Roxee and she was very well-behaved. Who knew a rabbit would be like this?
• • •
The seed is arriving pretty steady at EARS these days.
Lots of plot planning yet ahead but I am still struggling on our tile issues. Perhaps the problems are behind us, but I am nervous about laying our trials on areas that are troubles areas.
They are looking for information on our winter wheat trial, but it is still snow covered. We are still a few days from being able to see what is up with that!
• • •
If you are interested in attending the Steve Kenyon Grazing workshop next Friday (April 12), I will need you to register with me ASAP!
The cost is $20 and you won’t be disappointed!