Open house cut short

The open house here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station has now come and gone.
We spend all summer preparing for the one night to show off our plots but this year we had to do a short and sweet tour because Mother Nature wasn’t co-operating last Wednesday!
I always like our weather to be extra great when we have guests in from out of town but we had to have the one not-so-nice day for them.
We quickly looked at some canola, soybeans, barley, wheat, and oats but I would have liked to toured some of our forage plots, as well, for some of our beef guests. But I hope they will drop in anytime and we can show them what is happening in those areas.
It is looking like we will finish up our second crop this week in time to combine our winter wheat, and I would think we only are about two weeks away from combining our spring grains.
It will be great that my students will be around for harvesting this year (or I think it is great). Last year they were gone and our plots still were not mature enough.
The canola is a tangled mess after the big rain storm went through, so those plots will take some time to get straightened out before we will be combining them.
• • •
I’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed lately with all that is going on—trying to hay when I should be getting ready for the Emo Fair, bookwork piling up, and just keeping up with day-to-day chores.
Haying season shouldn’t go on this long but you cannot do much about the weather. We finally finished cutting—other than a few places that we couldn’t get to because it is still too wet!
I’m hoping we still will be able to cut it at some point (we always could use it for bedding).
I’ve started working with my cattle but they will need attention paid to them every day now until the fair; so that just adds to the chores. Thankfully, they seem pretty quiet so I’m hoping for a smooth session.
I might have very little to show in the Exhibition Hall this year, though, since I just don’t see how I can fit getting stuff made in time for that this year.
My Great Aunt Ruby would be so disappointed in me. I guess my age must be slowing me down—I just can’t seem to get caught up!
I told Maddie and Marlee that as much as I don’t want them to grow up too quickly, I look forward to a time when they can help more!
Marlee responded, “Like, for money?”
• • •
It will be a busy week for the Hyatt family as Kerry comes home to be married at the family farm this weekend! It should be a great time and I cannot be happier for Kerry as she and Brody tie the knot!
Kerry and Brody currently live in Alberta but would love to be able to come back to our district someday—and we hope they can make that happen!
• • •
If you are planning to show cattle in the Emo Fair (Open Beef Show), your entries are due by this Friday (Aug. 7) at 4 p.m. the fairboard office.
• • •
James Gibson will be trying to finish haying so he can start preparing for the cattle sale that is booked for Saturday, Aug. 29.
If you have any questions for him or want to let him know what you are bringing to the sale, he can be reached at 487-2731 or 271-2005.