Nothing better than hot, dry fall weather

Bring on the sunshine! There is nothing better than hot, dry fall weather.
At this time of the year, there are fewer bugs, the dry heat feels amazing, and you are certain that you will cool off in the evenings–the best season we have (when it is dry!)
The soybeans are changing quickly now–you will see the leaves dropping and the pods drying up. Any variety that is around 2400 CHU and less are really changing while the longer-season beans still are quite green.
A frost would change that quite quickly (yes, we were close to or at freezing last week but it is more like minus-2.5 C that we would really see it change).
Meanwhile, we are tackling a lot of our fall work here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station. Or rather, we have lots started and need the weather to co-operate to finish it all.
I also have been planning things for the tile crew and working towards that, but they are struggling with wet conditions and finding themselves behind schedule.
• • •
I had a really exciting day on Saturday, when I spent most of the day at North End Farms completing our canola project. The weather was absolutely perfect and we gathered seed samples from all 12 of our 2.2-acre plots.
Timo and his hired hand, Conrad, were kind enough to spend extra time harvesting strips out of each of our plots, which meant extra dumps into the weigh wagon and back into their grain carts, as well as many trips up and down the field.
I was fortunate enough to once again ride in the combine while the grain cart made its trip to the bin. There is nothing like it!
I always thought I only would be happy with cows but I think I could be a grain farmer easily enough, too.
If you are ever out driving, take the time to tour by North End Farms or Pine River Ranch to see them in operation–they have some very impressive equipment.
• • •
You may see a new face driving around and likely visiting some of you! The Rainy River Regional Abattoir has hired Jennifer MacDonald to complete its local food marketing project.
We were fortunate to receive funding to hire someone to explore and hopefully identify some new markets, and Jennifer was the lucky candidate.
Jennifer is originally from New Brunswick so please welcome her if you are fortunate enough to meet her.