Not ready for snow yet

Snow day! Ugh, I don’t think we are ready for this yet. Or maybe I should just speak for myself: “I am not ready for this yet!”
I may have jinxed myself as I did spend some time over the weekend doing some winterizing.
I dread turning the heat on in my water bowls since my hydro bills are very high without those elements on! But I will agree that paying the bill is easier than thawing water lines!
• • •
We are busy at the Emo Agricultural Research Centre trying to get the Ontario performance trials cleaned and data submitted.
We did finish the barley and oat data, but they are waiting on our wheat.
With this weather, I guess we should be able to concentrate on that. The samples do take a little longer to clean, however, since we have larger samples when we planted 10 rows of each variety rather than five.
The top barley variety only yielded 64 bushels while the top oat was 71 bushels. I’m not surprised, though, since we were later planting and we certainly didn’t have the greatest growing season.
Meanwhile, I still have straw to clean up and plowing to accomplish, so now I have to either wish for it to freeze dry or a couple of weeks of just plain good weather!
It is very wet here at the station–even on the tiled land.
• • •
Normally during hunting season, we get to see Maddie and Marlee a bit more. But they have such busy hockey schedules that it hasn’t been so easy for them to get out to the country.
Marlee did make it out Saturday morning before hockey. We worked on our barnboard picture craft and she thinks it might be here best one yet!
She also asked me if I knew what awkward meant? I replied, “I think so.”
Marlee said, “Well, it means weird and I have been using that word a lot lately!” So I’m not sure what she was trying to tell me?
• • •
Many friends and family gathered to say “good-bye” to a wonderful lady last Friday–Faye Gasparini. Or, like her grandson, Jeff, said: “Grandma Faye” to so many.
Faye was a sweet, soft-spoken lady and we all enjoyed visits with her. I always admired how much she thought of her son-in-law, Gary Teeple; and he thought equally of her.
She will be missed by all who knew her. Hopefully her family will find comfort in knowing how many people appreciated what a wonderful women she was.
• • •
The final cattle sale of the year is scheduled for this Saturday (Oct. 26) at the Stratton sales barn.
We are planning to start the sale a half-hour earlier at 9 a.m.
If you have any questions, get in touch with sales barn manager Philip Krahn at 852-4384 (home), 1-807-271-0425 (cells), or 483-5354 (sales barn).
Philip has lined up some bred cows that will be sold at 1 p.m., followed by the protocol cattle.