Not huge fan of time change

Not sure about the rest of you but I am not a huge fan of the time change.
I thought at one time it was mentioned we were going to just leave the time alone-and I vote for that. I do enjoy our long sunny days and evenings but now when I am getting up, I need to turn the lights on.
My biggest issue is losing an hour of sleep on my already short sleeping hours.
On the bright side, our recent weather has been fantastic! The snow slowly is disappearing, and these sunny days and cool evenings are keeping things near perfect.
It looks like a perfect week for March Break. Here’s to everyone getting outside and enjoying some of our fresh air!
• • •
Tomorrow will mark one month since calving season started for me and though I won’t be quite finished, I am close. The calves are enjoying themselves and spend a great deal of time playing tag and seeing who is the fastest.
Unfortunately, while I was feeding the other day, they all raced out into the yard and there were little tag-playing, fast calves everywhere. “Roxee” was not sure where to start and she tried to head to the house and let me deal with it, but I didn’t let her.
As always, a few ended up in with the sheep before they ended back where they belonged.
• • •
Things are gearing up with for the next season. Many farms are looking for or purchasing new bulls for the next breeding season while most tractors and planters are on stand-by in hopes of the perfect spring.
The Rainy River Federation of Agriculture, meanwhile, is busy planning for its next “Ag Day” on Friday, April 13.
As well, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association will be planning its first work bee of the season in preparation for the first cattle sale slated for Saturday, April 28.
Things only get busier from here on out.
• • •
I am off to the abattoir this week with two older ewes and a very miserable ram. Well, the ram actually is at a friend’s farm but we are crossing our fingers he will catch him and get him to his appointment.
My boyfriend/partner likely would book me into the abattoir if I was to bring the ram back home as he pretty much destroyed the barn (and you had to carry some sort of a protective stick to go anywhere near him).
We have never, ever had a bull as miserable as this ram. And we have never had any bovine destroy as much of the barn as he has.
Our lambs won’t be arriving this year until closer to the end of April, so there will be a bit more time in between calving and lambing this year.
• • •
Just a reminder to get in on the “Catch the Ace” draw! Last week’s winner, Norm Cyr, won $800 but failed to uncover the ace of spades, which means our progressive pot will be up to $13,500 for this week!
This week brings us to Week #22, which means there still are 31 cards available.
Join in on the fun and meet us at the Emo Legion this Friday for beer-and-burger night!