Not feeling like Christmas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is fast-approaching when the weather feels like we should be preparing our planting equipment!
In fact, I had to keep taking off clothes while I finished putting up my outdoor lights this weekend. My only complaint is that I’m thinking all my cords and ornaments likely will be frozen to the ground once it’s time to bring them back in.
I don’t have anything decorated in my house yet—and that likely won’t happen for another week or so. The lights and the decorating are my favourite part of the holidays and I’m struggling to have time to get it done or even to enjoy it!
Then the worst part: shopping. I really have got to start getting serious about this. Thankfully, Maddie left me a cute little list with a few suggestions for her and her sister.
It was very reasonable—when Marlee leaves you a list, it is a lot longer! She tends to choose anything that has any kind of animal in it, no matter the age range as long as there is an animal.
• • •
I’m thinking this might have been the warmest “Holly Daze” parade ever!
Our two lambs that we brought along for the celebration did quite well. In fact, “Ella,” the black lamb of Marlee’s, was sound asleep when we arrived back to the trailer.
The girls were so excited about having them in the parade and sure hoped that people understood why our signs said “Merry Christmas to Ewe!”
Of course, “Roxee” rode in the parade, as well. And thanks to the Allan and Shirley Teeple’s grandkids for singing “Happy Birthday” to Roxee while they all were loaded in the back of Grandpa’s horse-drawn sleigh!
Marlee, unfortunately, wasn’t feeling good so she was laying pretty low over the weekend. But Maddie and I spent the weekend together and we quite enjoyed ourselves.
I still find it amazing how opposite the girls are–but I guess the situation is similar with my brother and me.
• • •
It sounds like our tractor should be ready to go this week so that will be a huge relief. It takes a long time to feed all the animals right now but I shall not complain—at least I am able to feed.
The weather has been great for the animals–other than it gets pretty messy during these unseasonably mild days.
• • •
Jake Munroe and Steph Vanthof were the special guests at the local Soil & Crop Association’s annual meeting last week.
Jake is the new Soil Specialist for OMAFRA and made his first trip to Northwestern Ontario. We are planning to get Jake back here next summer, when he can see what a great area we live and farm in.
Meanwhile, Steph and her group, NOFIA, are doing some very exciting work promoting and supporting agriculture in the north.
Take a few minutes and check out its website (it is going to be a great tool that we all can use to promote the north).
I plan on adding some of our information here over the winter.
• • •
I will be closing up the Emo Agricultural Research Station in Emo for the winter in the next week or so.
You still can find me at my usual contact information, I will just be staying home to do my thing. . . .