Not a good start to my week

Last week turned into quite a busy week and already this one isn’t looking much better!
I still haven’t been able to figure how we have arrived at the middle of November!
I was thinking that I would only have good things to report this week but I woke up Monday morning to a dead calf.
One of the calves that we just recently weaned was over on his back—dead.
Not really how I planned to start off my morning, my week or my Moos. Frustrating, but dead is dead.
They seemed to be all clustered up on a clump of hay and he on the edge, and with his big gut must have got too far over and that was it.
He was one of the calves that were very sick when he was born—I managed to get his through all of that—and now this! (“If you are going to have livestock – you are going to have deadstock.” –Chris Cannon D.V.M.)
• • •
On a happier note, my friend Maria and I made the trip to Brandon to pick up our new heifers.
They seem to be settling into life in Emo. I still have them locked in the corral.
This way when the cows come home for a drink, they can smell each other and possible be somewhat used to each other and there will be less of fight when I let them out to join the herd.
Cows can be miserable fighters—even if one of them is in the barn overnight. I want to avoid a big fight with everyone being quite heavy in calf.
• • •
Maddie and Marlee were off to Thunder Bay for a hockey tournament so they have yet to see the new heifers.
I decided to choose which heifer I would give to each of them to avoid problems.
They had a busy weekend of hockey and their team ended up winning the tournament. It sounded like their team played very hard all weekend!
Congratulations girls.
• • •
Friday night we celebrated Debbie Z’s birthday at my house with a fondue night.
I am not sure if we ever got full or we just ended up getting tired of cooking!
If nothing else it was an entertaining night with lots of laughs. I recommend doing that only when you have lots of time!
• • •
I spent most of Saturday visiting! A good friend of mine was in town for her Grandpa’s funeral so I met her first thing for breakfast. It was a great couple hour visit.
It’s too bad it was under such circumstances but it was certainly nice to see her.
I then made it over to a great friend’s place in town to drop off a birthday gift that was overdue. I was planning to only stay a few minutes. Ha ha.
Home for chores and then off to other friends for supper.
Whew, that was a lot of visiting!
• • •
Our tractor has finally been fixed and made it home! I was much relived. Since I spent Saturday visiting, Sunday was a big farm day.
Some of the unfinished jobs won’t get completed now since winter is here but I was able to move bale feeders and start feeding my animals properly.
What a relief—well, at least until we see the repair bill!
Thanks to Darryl Meck for fixing our tractor though; it is appreciated by me and all my animals.
• • •
The Rainy River Soil & Crop annual meeting will be held next Tuesday (Nov. 25) at 7 p.m. at the Emo Inn. Everyone is welcome.
Watch for a full agenda!