No time quite like fair time

So here we are, fair week! And other than my cattle, that is the only work that I have accomplished. It seems it has been a whirlwind of other things to keep me from doing tasks. I am trying to take time off work this week, but of course that leaves me feeling guilty. I will go in at some point and enter the winter wheat data. With the rain last week, the girls were able to start cleaning seeds as our intentions were to harvest our second cut forages. This is when it gets a little stressful — grain will be ready and as well the forages. I am still waiting to hear when they are sending a trainer for the new combine. And the end of August is close, which means the students will be packing up and heading back as well. My least favourite time of the year. This month is just like December / Christmas — it comes and goes very quickly. I am going to try and get my grass cut and work on a few exhibits. I am telling myself that it really doesn’t matter if I have entries, but that makes me feel lazy, slow and old. Thankfully on Sunday our two senior 4-H members came over and finished our 4-H beef display. That is always a job that is nice to have off the list. Now to remember to pack it into the truck when we haul load #1 to Emo. It looks as though the weather has improved some for this week and temperatures are higher. I will not complain though, as we have had enough rain for a bit, so let’s have some nice weather. I keep hearing people talking about all the signs and symptoms of fall.

Saturday is our 4-H show. These kids really work hard to get their animals prepared for the show. I enjoy listening to them compare their animals to one another and talk about next year. I am so impressed with how seriously they take this duty. We always hear that, “oh, they are only doing it for the money.” And let’s face it, that certainly helps. But for the kids I spend time with, it is much more than that. They enjoy the animals, the competition, the friendship, and the thought of being in the grand champion position. They plan for next year before this year is over. Please take time to come and support our 4-H kids. They work hard to get to the fair. We look forward to another successful steer auction at 4 p.m. on Saturday. Without hesitation, I will tell you that it is some of the best meat you will find in the district. Join with a friend or business and purchase one of our 32 4-H steers.

Don’t forget to stop by the 4-H food booth. It is very likely that this will be our last year in our old food booth as it is the last building to be replaced on the fair grounds. We are looking forward to the future, but will certainly miss the many years in our old place. We promise to continue with the best fries around.

I am looking forward to fair week, and I hope that you are all planning to come to Emo to check it all out!