New lambs proving popular

We certainly ended up with a pretty decent Easter weekend compared to our neighbours to the north and east.
We did see some snow, sleet, and rain early on Saturday, but we missed most of that and the sun was shining later that day!
I vaccinated my cows, calves, and yearlings on Friday and it was a beautiful day! The cattle yard is still in pretty good shape, so we didn’t need to put on the tallest of our footwear yet!
Actually, the squeeze was still a bit frozen so I wasn’t able to squeeze animals as tight as I would have liked, but things went very well.
Marlee found out what was happening in the country so she organized a half-way pick-up (Maddie did the same once she was finished with her birthday party later that evening).
The girls mostly were anxious to get out and see the lambs. We have nine now–including a set of triplets.
The lambs attract a lot of company and the girls had the rotation from pen to pen all planned out as each guest arrived. I’m serious when I tell you that the lambs know how to sit on everyone’s lap now.
I’ve really noticed how the girls have changed from not really wanting to share the fun of our country life to being quite proud of the farm tour they had all planned out.
We ended up pulling a couple of lambs from two of the first-time ewes (both had legs back and one of them was large).
The lambs have been weighing in at around four and five pounds, but this fellow tipped the scales at 10 pounds. He’s huge! I actually didn’t think he was going to make it but he survived no worse for the wear.
His markings and wool are quite unique, so he has been a big attraction. Alas, the girls are disappointed he is boy since the boys don’t get a chance to stay.
Another big hit is naming all this busy little creatures and currently we have Jack & Jill, Black & White, One, Two & Three, Snail, and Zebra!
We still have three ewes left to lamb so we’re not finished with all the fun yet!
• • •
Sadly, we said good-bye last week to one of our finest fellow farmers, Tony Weir. He was a kind, friendly man and was one of my early encouragers to become involved with our community.
He was a director on the Rainy River Hereford Association and asked that I become involved as the secretary. I wasn’t even old enough to drive so my parents would drive to meet Tony and other board members so I could attend meetings.
We all were saddened when Tony was left in a wheelchair after a terrible fall. I remember visiting him in the hospital in Thunder Bay on my way home from school and he was so touched that I took the time to stop in.
Tony continued on and we heard little complaints. In fact, he still was active with our local Hereford Association, hosting tours, selling tickets, and not missing many fall fairs where he could get through the barns and check out the great red/white-faced cattle.
Marlee was looking at his obituary and said, “This looks like a very nice grandpa.” So despite not knowing him, she could tell from his picture what a sweet man he was.
• • •
It’s a busy week ahead with the first cattle sale of the year set for this Saturday (April 26) starting at 9 a.m. at the Stratton sales barn.
If you have any question, contact sales barn manager James Gibson at 487-2731.
Even if you are not buying or selling cattle, you are welcome to come and check things out–we have a great canteen if you would like to come for lunch!