Never a quiet moment on the farm

As I sat down to write my Moos column on Monday, it was 2 p.m. and I still hadn’t tackled all my morning duties.
That’s right, Maddie and Marlee are here! They are busy draggin’, playing, wrestling, and having a few fights every now and then.
My phone and e-mail also were busy Monday as the spring sunshine has everyone thinking about the upcoming season!
Alas, my lists are getting longer and I’m still in need of sleep!
It seems I always have a dilemma, but today it’s a serious one as “Darma” (Maddie’s most favourite cow) is sick. As near as I can tell, she has some swelling in her udder (likely mastitis), she is stiff in the hind legs, and she has a temperature.
Maddie is very worried and she hasn’t calved yet, so I am a bit worried, too. We are treating her and her temperature has dropped some, so please cross your fingers that it all will work out.
It’s strange for beef cows to have mastitis, especially such a young healthy animal.
Maddie was half-crying, feeling bad that all her animals get sick—and I’m starting to think she is right! Mar, on the other hand, reminded her sister that “Lane” likely was eaten by a wolf and she just doesn’t know who she is going to be able to take to the Emo Fair this year!
Oh, the joys of farming I told them as I finally came down to my quiet office to write my Moos.
• • •
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is in desperate need of business. They need everyone’s cattle so please make use of this valuable infrastructure.
I certainly think we all would appreciate the value of local meat that is safe, graded, and fully-inspected.
Recalls are happening every day so take the time to source a safe product that you can feed your families by shopping locally.
• • •
The Rainy River District 4-H Association held its awards banquet last Friday night. Congratulations to Morgan Haw, R.J. McDonald, Jessica Haw, Taylor Croswell, and Brayden Kreger for the top Beef Book awards.
Aaron Bujold received the Plowman’s Award for the most deserving agriculture member while Savannah Hughes won the top-placing Hereford or Hereford-influenced carcass award.
Brayden Kreger was the winner of the Degagne Award for having the highest beef marks for the past three years of club work. And lastly, Kirk Desserre was the winner of the TD Award—given to a deserving member who demonstrated outstanding leadership skills!
Great jobs to all our members. We are proud of every one of them!
• • •
I certainly don’t want to forget to wish my BFF Becky a happy 40th birthday (she is catching up to me!)