My calves have been arriving on schedule

My cows didn’t fail me. Two calves arrived on my due date on the 15th and as I write this, I am up to 11.
Alas, it seems like many of them have been arriving during sleep hours.
I was certain our “Maria” cow was going to calve on Monday night and because I have been getting up every two-three hours for a while now, when I do get to sleep, I sleep hard (one of my favourite features of my smartphone is the fact you can set multiple alarms).
I was heading to bed and set my regular alarm times, but I was afraid I would sleep too heavily in between those times, so I set the timer to go off every hour so I could wake up and take a look at the camera.
Each time I just found her (“Maria”) pacing around.
Then on my 4:30 a.m. check, I found a heifer in the early stages of calving, so I brought her into the barn and let the “Maria” cow outside since my barn is overflowing with animals and she just wasn’t happy.
The heifer was taking her own sweet time and she just happened to be a heifer that Maddie showed last year at the Emo Fair. So I was watching her pretty closely, as well, but was trying to not to disturb her so I held off doing barn chores for a bit.
Time was ticking so I started chores. “Maria,” meanwhile, still was pacing around in our shed with some of the new calves, so I let her right out back in the yard.
Chores continued and my heifer still was not moving quickly, so I gave a quick text to my vet cousin to let her know about our slow poke. Stacey ended up coming but we decided to give “Maria” a bit more time.
Then I just happened to look out into the cow yard and guess what? “Maria” calved. So out I trekked with my trusty sleigh to pull in the new calf!
All was fine but we did end up giving the heifer a hand. It wasn’t anything difficult; she was just too slow!
Maddie and Marlee were able to spend some farming time this weekend and experienced multiple calves coming into the world. Then immediately they were set on finding the perfect name!
Sometimes it requires “searching it up online” or using my trusty ol’ pet name book. Since it is an Olympic year, we try to incorporate Olympic-themed names, as well.
The heifer we helped had a heifer we named “Chang!”
So as this week continues on, and looks to be a busy one, I hope our weather stays decent.
• • •
The weekly “Catch the Ace” draw is getting exciting! This week, the progressive pot should be around $10,200!
Last week’s weekly prize was over $500!
Tickets cost $2 each, with this week’s draw to be held Friday at 7 p.m. at the Emo Legion.
Why not join in on the fun!
• • •
I hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics as much as I am. It is such a great time for me to wait for a calf to come and cheer for Canada!
We have so many wonderful athletes, and it is great hearing the stories on how hard they work and how much they overcame to represent our great country!
I am really excited for the hockey games but have enjoyed so much of the Olympics so far. Go Canada!