Mother Nature sure can really mess with us

Well, I hope all of you who were complaining about the drought and the heat are happy now! Me, not so much!
I realize the rain was needed but we didn’t need to have so much at one time and it did not need to drop the temperature so much. Mother Nature can really mess with us.
We really shouldn’t complain, I suppose, as there are farmers in the west who haven’t even been able to pull their combines out yet and many are on hold because of too much snow.
This is seriously hard on a person.
• • •
It was a pretty good week for my boss to visit and I was able to take her for a quick trip both east and west in the district. I thought it was important for her to get to see it since this was her first visit to Northwestern Ontario.
We also put her to work as we really wanted to tackle as many soybeans as we possible could. I ended up having to take a day off for a trip to Winnipeg but my fall helper, Jenna, was able to keep things running smoothly.
Holly said she really enjoyed her visit and returned home to all the bad weather in Ottawa. Luckily, her flights only were delayed slightly and things at her home were all fine.
• • •
Sunday afternoon was targeted to be the day to do preg. checking and weigh the calves. But when I rolled out of bed, I immediately was dreading it. Then when I did chores and my fingers were cold, I really was dreading it.
I had a second cup off coffee and decided I needed to suck it up and get it over with.
“Roxee” and I went and got the cows home–and they actually came into the corral well! There were just a few that were immediately suspicious of my plans and tried to hang back by the gate until they could see what my intentions were.
“Roxee” wasn’t long convincing them to get home.
Fortunately, it went better than I was thinking. Because we have been dry, the mud wasn’t as deep as it can be.
I was disappointed with a Hereford cow that we purchased a few years ago came up open. I really hate to sell her but with her being open, she won’t have a calf until 2020 and that just seems wrong. We will see.
Many look forward to this time of the year for selling calves but I dread it. I don’t like selling heifers but we just can’t keep them all and trust me, the farm needs the money.
On the bright side, I was pleased with my calf weights. I thought my calves looked smaller but the weights were pretty good.
I think I’ve made the decision on who is staying and who is going, but I will second-guess myself all week long now.
• • •
I was happy to load up and take a good chunk of stuff to the hazardous waste day in Chapple on Saturday. I have been wanting to get rid of this stuff for many years.
Thanks again to Chapple for organizing and hosting this. When I was there, it was steady with people dropping off stuff that thankfully they hadn’t disposed of in our landfill sites!
• • •
This Saturday (Sept. 29) it will be busy and likely noisy in Stratton with the cattle sale! Normally this is one of our larger sales.
James, our sales barn manager, has been busy visiting with producers and buyers to ensure everything falls into place.
If you have cattle or would like to work at our sale, give James a call at 271-2005.
Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something to do this Saturday, come on over to Stratton and view our sale for a bit. Many first-time people really enjoy the auction and you can enjoy some good cooking in our canteen.