Most struggling to make hay

Here we are the middle of July, when we should be nearing the end of our first crop of hay.
Instead, most are struggling to make hay.
I remember a few years ago someone saying to me that we pretty much need to cut hay in the rain in hopes of being able to bale in the sun. And that’s exactly how this past week has been.
You can speed the process of drying the hay up by raking. But with our unpredictable weather, it makes you wonder if you should since it could be raining by the time you are done!
Since I’ll be away for most of this week, I had to put myself on hold anyway. But I’m hoping Mother Nature will co-operate for the rest of you people.
• • •
Speaking of rain, the Emo Agricultural Research Station last week recorded 69 mm (nearly three inches), so we were off the plots for the most part.
Needless to say, the weeds quickly were getting ahead of us.
I managed to get a bit of spraying done Friday morning, but it was still limited as to where I could travel on the plots.
We are in the process of preparing for our annual open house at EARS so there are lots of little areas that need to be addressed and shined up. It seems hard to believe it is that time already since our season was so darn late in starting.
• • •
I was lucky to have a good neighbour (Doug) come over and finish baling up the hay at EARS the other night. The students were unable to work late and I was baling at home.
It was calling for rain the following day and the hay had been cut for a week already, so I called Doug and despite not baling before, he did a great job and it was all rolled up!
I certainly appreciated his willingness to help out–another great thing about living in small community.
• • •
’Tis the season for weddings.
Two weeks ago, we celebrated the marriage of Noreen and Dan. Then this past weekend, Steph and Aaron were married in Curtis and Harriet’s beautiful yard–it was perfect!
Yes, it was hot but it was a lot better than pouring rain. Besides, none of us should complain about the heat given the long winter we had this past year!
Wishing both couples all the best as they start this next chapter in their lives.
• • •
Just a reminder that the Rainy River Soil & Crop Association’s annual tour will begin Thursday, July 25 at 9:30 a.m. at Larry Lamb’s place.
We will have a few stops before having a barbecue lunch at the new community pasture at 1 p.m.
The EARS open house will be held that same evening (7 p.m.)
We look forward to seeing everyone once again this year!