Most of our plots now planted

It was a great planting week at the Emo Agricultural Research Station and we managed to get a majority of our plots filled up!
We still have some grass/legume blocks to plant, but the last of that seed should be arriving early this week.
We welcomed the rain even though it didn’t amount to a whole lot.
We also are having some geese problem in our plots, but I hope we can chase them away and get them to stay away. They can do a lot of damage to a small plot.
• • •
The Fort Frances Nursery School visited my farm last week. We had 80 people come out and the weather was perfect for a fun day outside.
I think the kids enjoyed our lambs and rabbits.
Maddie was able to take the day off school so we brought in her cow, “Darma,” and her calf, “Lazer,” while Marlee had her heifer, “Lane,” in. Meanwhile, “Alex” the horse would stand all day for the kids as he enjoys any attention at all.
I kept “Roxee” on the leash for the day as I didn’t know if she would be able to contain her excitement. She went on one of the wagon rides and seemed quite proud to be a part of the day.
I think my big ol’ cat even made an appearance for some.
We enjoyed lunch on the lawn, and the kids enjoyed the playhouse and our new dog house. Some took a walk on the trail around the field that we have mowed for Roxee’s walk before work!
The weather made for a great day and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.
• • •
My boyfriend/partner and I decided to attend the Rainy River First Nations’ annual fish fry on Friday night. It was the first time for Clayton.
It was a wonderful supper and great to see so many people. It made me thankful to live in such a generous, wonderful community and thankful to have some great First Nations’ neighbours.
They had great weather and a first-class pow-wow grounds.
• • •
On Saturday, we attended the annual fishing tournament in Stratton. Since the weather wasn’t so great, we didn’t head down until later in the day.
We actually never even got a fishing line in the water.
My boyfriend/partner likes to let on that he isn’t very social, but he spent the day visiting and catching up with family and friends!
The weather or the fishing wasn’t the greatest, but it was a nice day to visit.
• • •
Even with my taking the day off on Saturday, I still had two full days to farm with Monday being a holiday.
I spent Sunday rolling up and picking up old fence (honestly, it is much easier making new fence than cleaning up an old one). Then I will have to work on moving cattle this coming week. They are tired of eating hay and getting very anxious to move out to pasture.
I also hope to finish my AI work this week and booster the calves with their vaccine, then they will be good to go for the summer.
• • •
Finally, the Rainy River District 4-H Association once again will be hosting its annual prime rib supper in conjunction with the Emo Walleye Classic.
It will run this Saturday (May 26) from 5-7 p.m. at the Emo Arena. Please join us!