Most crops planted at EARS

The sun is shining but we certainly could stand to be a few degrees warmer!
I think frost struck a few places but I sure hope it hasn’t done damage to any crops or gardens! And here I was thinking we were going to have a perfect growing season this year!
Our canola survived the last frost and appears okay today (Monday), as well.
The canola has been getting some damage from flea beetles, but I don’t think we warrant any spray to take care of them yet. Tomorrow is our on-farm field inspection day so it will be interesting to see what is happening in a larger field setting.
We still have some alfalfa to plant but I was waiting to switch the drill over to small seeds again in hopes our canola from Minnesota may have found a way to cross the border.
It takes a bit of work to switch our drill from large to small seeds, so it’s nice if you don’t have to do this job too frequently.
We did get all our soybean seed into the ground–other than four varieties that were dropped off a bit later (we will plug them into the ground ASAP).
Nothing has germinated from the soybeans we planted last week–and these cool conditions certainly won’t promote quick growth, either.
Of course, the big news last week here at the Emo Agricultural Research Station was the arrival of our two new John Deere tractors!
Both students have claimed one each so I have yet to drive either of them.
It certainly will be nice having these beautiful tractors and to think I will have heat to plow sure makes it exciting!
Thanks so much to Scott and staff at our local John Deere in Emo for making this happen!
• • •
James Gibson, our sales barn manager, and I attended most of the Livestock Markets Association of Canada annual meeting and auctioneer competition last week in Winnipeg.
It was a great chance to invite people to our Stratton sales barn and promote our good Rainy River-raised cattle.
The auctioneer competition was the highlight of the event, with 30 competing for the 2015 auctioneer title. I was most impressed with a 19-year-old from Cookstown who ended up third overall and rookie-of-the-year!
Manitoba did a wonderful job of hosting and showed off some of the great things Winnipeg has to offer!
• • •
I am looking forward to checking out the auction sale this Saturday at Pine River Ranch, which is dispersing all of its livestock equipment and supplies.
They no longer are beef farming but cash cropping around 3,000 acres!
As well, it is a big weekend in Emo this Friday and Saturday with the Emo Walleye Classic. Be sure to check out this great community event, as well.
• • •
Happy birthday today (June 1) to my boyfriend/partner, who turns 55! Most days I’m sure I drive him crazy but he finds a way to tolerate me.
Have a great day, Clayton!