More great cattle prices

Our final cattle sale of 2014 is now behind us.
We sold 1,177 head on Saturday at the Stratton sales barn for a total of $1,613,231.21. Again we saw some great prices and cattle.
And we certainly couldn’t have asked for better weather!
Thanks to everyone for the support we have seem this past year—from our workers to cattle producers, cattle buyers, and, of course, the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association board.
This was James Gibson’s first years as sales barn manager and he’s done a great job. We saw more cattle, opened up new markets, and all at a time of record-high prices!
We continually are working to make things better for everyone. In fact, some of the staff are planning a trip to tour a few barns in the west to see if we can adapt any of their practises.
It is great to see people work together these four times a year but yet have their heart set on making things better for everyone. As I’m writing this, I barely can keep my eyes open because it makes for a long, many late-night week but I love every minute of it (well, most minutes anyway).
And I shouldn’t complain about being tired, either, because some of our staff work longer hours and do much more physical work!
• • •
I finally started plowing at the Emo Agricultural Research Station—and it was quite delightful! Perfect temperature and the conditions seemed to be quite ideal.
I wish I could go a bit faster but not so on my little tractor.
Thanks for all the honks, waves, and texts asking me, “Do you have GPS? Your lines are so straight!”
No GPS, and it helps when the conditions are right.
Sadly, I’m off the Sudbury for a few days and it’s sounding like my pleasant temperatures are leaving, as well. I’m hoping I can continue on once I return.
We did tackle some corn plots the other day—despite heavy bird and bear damage. We will see what the data shows us, but I’m not expecting it to be too great.
Meanwhile, everyone anxiously is awaiting data now from their trials so we will be cleaning seed non-stop.
• • •
While I was off at the cattle sale on Saturday, my dad and boyfriend/partner were busy working for me at home. I needed a new barn door so they tackled that (I needed a lighter door that would slid on the tracks a bit easier).
Maddie and Marlee were out helping them since they had a day off of school (the girls were anxious to find out what I thought of the door since they used some un-matching tin).
Guess they already have figured me out! But nothing that a little paint won’t fix up anyway.
Meanwhile, the old door was built into quite a fancy new sheep house. My great-uncles, Bud and Charlie, would be so proud that we still recycle as much as we can.
Once we cleaned up from all the construction, we vaccinated the sheep and have them all ready for breeding season. We normally let the ram out in the middle of November for mid-April lambs.
Our sheep flock looks a lot smaller now with all the lambs gone!