Well as I started this month my calendar didn’t look that busy, but it sure seems like it has been a whirlwind. The thing that keeps getting put off my list is the housework. The darn stuff waits for you. It won’t be happening this week either, as I am out of town early in the week and then attending the Mental Health First Aid Course at the end of the week.
My schedule for February (at this point) looks clear since I am to spend most of my time with my cows. Though I planned to move them home this weekend, I didn’t.
Because I am out of town, I thought I should leave them where they have been safe. My yard is going to be rough because of the wet fall so I am nervous about them moving back in there and thought it would be best if I did it when I was home. I had to feed a little extra to all my animal’s groups before leaving. The ram managed to get out on me. Roxee did not approve, but he also did not approve of her trying to herd him back in. He managed to bunt her down in the snow. He is in the bad books with everyone now.
The new board of the Rainy River Cattlemen’s Association held their first meeting of 2020. Louis Bujold is our new President and Jeff Pollard is our Vice-President. We have an exciting but busy year ahead of us so our tasks have been divided up and the board will continue to work on re-building our Sales Barn.
The Rainy River Regional Abattoir is nearing its 1st Anniversary of taking over Rainy River Meats.
It has been a very good move for us. We are grateful for our staff that has really done an excellent job of keeping things moving along so successfully.
We are continuing our efforts to further market our products both locally and out of our District.
If you haven’t tried any of our products, now would be a great time to stop in and do just that. If you make it in on the Anniversary date you might even find a cupcake! The abattoir is looking for staff again. If you are looking for work, please get in touch with Dale at 807-482-3028.
The First Aid Mental Health Course that we are offering this week (January 30th & 31st) is brought to us by FCC (Farm Credit Canada), Do More Ag Foundation and The Grain Farmers of Ontario.
We are very thankful that locally, Rainy River Federation of Agriculture, Rainy River Cattlemen’s, CIBC Emo, Kaemingh Fuels and our Vet Committee have all joined in and supported this course as well. Supporting each other and keeping each other healthy and safe just makes our communities stronger.
We all agree time passes quickly but I can’t believe it has already been a year since we celebrated my mom and dad’s 50th Anniversary – it is already 51!
We didn’t have nearly the celebration this year. We did have a get-together for Char’s Birthday – wishing her a great year ahead!!!
On Feb. 11 it is Canada’s Agriculture Day! Please take the time to raise a fork to the food we love and the people who produce it!