Moos – September 21, 2020

This fall weather is so excellent! Really there is nothing like a long, warm, dry fall. I hope everyone is getting out and enjoying it. For me it seems extra special after last fall. I was a wreck stressing about the mud and mess. I am thankful not only for me but for all our cattle/animals. I brought all my cows and calves home Sunday morning. It was our weigh and pregnancy checking day. I always find it a very nerve-wracking day, but it went very well, and we only had one open cow. My cows cooperated and went through the chute easily. We still have one old spoiled cow that won’t go through, so we just halter her and preg check her in the corral. She is my oldest cow and is special, but I don’t have a favorite anymore because something always happens to your favorite. Our calf weights were good, but they had some dirty butts from being in the fresh green grass that I had them in, so we took the time to brush off the mess. It took a lot of time, but they certainly looked better. This week they will be on hay so hopefully it will harden things up. I had to move my lambs our of the way before we could weight the calves. Of course, there was one that did not cooperate. She escaped. I kept telling Marlee that she could use her to target price. Marlee rushed around after we were done and cornered her, caught her and got her back in. I have a lamb heading to the Flint House this week so be on the look out for a lamb special! (It isn’t the one that got away but let me tell you I would have been happy to send her there yesterday after I saw she ate my new basswood trees.)
This is our Cattle Sale Week! Many volunteers have been working hard down at the Sales Barn getting cement poured for this next sale on Saturday. It is looking good. We are excited for the modifications and upgrades we will be making over the next year or so. We are lucky to live in a community that is so willing to help on and make these types of projects so successful. If you are planning on bringing cattle or you would like to work at the Sales Barn, please get in touch with James at 271-2005.
I made a quick trip to Mine Center with my mom on Saturday. My brother and Uncle were working on mom and dads’ cabin. My dad wanted to finish putting the tin on, so they finished this project. My dad would have been so pleased. They were finished in time to go for a fish and what a great day it was for fishing! My mom and I brought the camper home. The leaves are quickly changing but if you want to see some beautiful fall colours take a drive east of Fort Frances it won’t disappoint.
It is sounding like we have a nice week ahead of us! I hope everyone can get out and enjoy it!