Moos on the move

I am writing in the airport on a very delayed flight to Toronto. Instead of complaining in my head I thought I would take the opportunity to write my Moos. I’m frustrated that one airline just left for Toronto and the other keeps sending delayed messages. I made the wrong choice this time around. The thing is, living where we live, you cannot wait too long to head to the airport. My meeting starts just before lunch, so if it ends up being a late night (and it’s looking that way) my start will be a bit later.

I jinxed myself by thinking my last cow would calve before I took off, but she is living her best life in the barn and my mom is once again in charge of things. As for the cow, it isn’t her fault so much that she is calving now, since the big, older bull that she was supposed to be bred to was having a foot issue and was not feeling up to her. She is the biggest cow we have so the task was too much. I ended up pulling the old bull and slipped the younger smaller bull into the group to finish up breeding. Since she is the biggest cow I think he being shorter had a more difficult time as well. The good part is she is calving and she is close. We often comment at the end like this that they don’t like to rush themselves as they enjoy the comforts of the barn with some extra grain and someone fluffing your straw every few hours.

Not feeling 100 per cent last week I ended up missing time at work so I have some make-up to do. Once I return from this trip we have a full day of safety training and it is likely that we will have seed showing up by the end of this week. Hard to believe we are reaching this time of the year, considering how much snow we still have. I know it can leave us quickly, but the weather isn’t looking real warm for the first part of this week anyway.

Saturday night I was happy to celebrate a very special third cousin’s birthday. Noreen Hartlin was home and her girlfriends surprised her with a 40th birthday celebration. It was so nice to catch up with these girls who are longtime friends, but with life being so busy you never get a chance for a longer visit! Noreen and Steph worked with me at the Research Station and it was some of my best summers. We all became really great friends and to this day we can pick up where we left off back in 2006. Steph made a great photo collection back in 2006 and I grabbed the poster from the Research Station (dust and all) and took it along to the party!

I hosted the Abattoir meeting this past week in the basement because we needed access to wifi and we haven’t gotten that fancy in the garage yet. Lexi was certainly impressed with the company and made herself right at home on the couch to watch the presentation by our general manager John. She certainly didn’t think twice about helping herself to a cookie that was sitting freely on the coffee table as well. She will be hoping that all the meetings are in the basement going forward.

Wishing everyone a great week and I hope you get out and enjoy some sunshine!